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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March 20th. My first try (without... Read More

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    hey eramos809, the lottery is that of the students in the program, by random receive an order that they will pick their schedule. So people with lower numbers get to pick their classes, and students with higher numbers have less options since the classes will be filling up. Ive taken a look at the fall semesters courses for 1st semester nursing students, and two of the classes only have two options, nu110 and nu105, both on mondays but nu 110 either 8-12 or 3-7 and in between those too nu105 at 1 or 2. Nu121 is held many different times throughout the week, and then you also will have your clinical hours in there somewhere plus the hours you need to spend in the stimulation lab.

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    Should we be expecting a letter saying that our application was received? I turned mine in by hand and then called to make sure that they had it. I saw on a thread from fall 2011 applicants that some of them got letters saying that their apps were received (i think that those people mailed their applications in though). If anyone hears anything please post it ASAP!

    As a side note...I am an LPN and applied for the Fall 2012 program because I missed the LPN to RN bridge deadline. They asked me to bring in a copy of my license 4/6 saying there was space in the summer and then told me a couple of weeks later that I need a letter from a supervisor who I have worked under for a year - which I don't have because I just got my LPN license in January! Huge bummer! I really hope that Fall acceptance letters come soon!
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    I turned my letter in by hand as well but did not receive a letter that my application was accepted. I assume with increasing interest in the nursing program it may be too daunting to send letters to all applicants to tell them their application was received unless they had an electronic application process. Not sure!
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    I have never heard that they send out letters to students to let them know that they got their applications? Maybe they used to but they did away with that? Who knows. I actually was thinking I was a little worried too because all I did was walk in to the office and hand it in. I never got a receipt or anything.

    I am with all of you....SO NERVOUS WAITING!! I am also going to assume I didn't get in and then hopefully be happy when I do. This is my only option because I can't afford anywhere else, so if I do not get in for fall I will try again for Spring. I am just really worried because I don't have all of the priority classes done, but I did get fairly good TEAS scores.Hopefully soon enough we will all be classmates!!!!!!!

    I think its great that they have a lottery system for students to pick their classes. Since we can't register at the normal start of fall registration, it seems like the fairest way to do it. I am just REALLLLLLY HOPING the letters come in May and not June....
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    I called yesterday and was told they do not send letters out informing of the application receipt. The only contact we will receive is the one we are all so patiently waiting for. Ugh.

    I didn't think the lottery system being used due to the delay in our ability to register. Good point!
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    I have been stalking last years fall applicants posts and it looks like they were told June as well but received their letters May 28ish. My bday is May 29th so getting an acceptance letter would be such an awesome present! I hope we all get in and end up being classmates this fall!

    Make sure to post with any updates/info that you get!
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    Oh wow!!! My wedding is May 19th, so I was REALLY hoping Id get a nice wedding present from MC. lol.

    I'm glad to hear they don't send out receipts of the applications. I was a tad bit worried
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    congratulations on your upcoming wedding, redmonds12! you must be extremely nervous with the acceptance letter and marriage planning and date approaching!

    sarahcooper, you too have something exciting coming close to the letter date as well! Happy (way-early) birthday!

    I personally was hoping to know by my graduation date from MC, the 18th. Being unsure where I'm headed after that date is going to be difficult. I really like knowing what the next step is, and am always thinking of the future.

    Lets just all keep hoping for good news and that it comes sooner rather than later, and oh my goodness, can you believe we have waited a month now already!! April is through, and were already in MAY! Good luck everyone!!
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    anyone... anything? now that im done with the spring semester, im really anxious to hear something!
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    Hey guys! I just took my final today and completed my first semester in the MC nursing program. I was looking over your thread and as long as you have the pre-reqs and the minimum teas score you should be good! I've really enjoyed this semester but getting started was very hard. There's lots to do before you even step foot in the classroom and I spent about $500 on books and another couple hundred on the uniform, supplies, and doctors bills. The vast majority of teachers were amazing. And my clinical instructor was out of this world great. Also just because you get accepted doesn't mean your "safe." I felt like I was fighting to keep my spot for the first month between the new style of test taking and the pro-calc medication test you must get a 98% to stay in the program. BUT you can take it as many times as you need and it's very important stuff so you will pass it if you start making attempts early because there is a deadline and I know at least a few people got kicked out for not doing it in time. Anyways sorry for rambling but I wish someone would have given me a few tips. If you have any questions let me know I'm happy to answer them. And congrats on making it this far!

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