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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March... Read More

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    Drea- Lets hope we both get in for the fall!! If not we can try again for the Spring and maybe go for UMB for their BSN program!! I have even considered FCC I just got their package today, they do not require a TEAS score and is probably why they are extremely competitive...but if I gotta wait til Spring then I am applying every where in order to increase my chances and not having to wait even longer!! I am not getting any younger...LOL

    Best of luck to us all!!!
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    Quote from kedacakes
    Hi Everyone,
    Thank drea588 for getting this thread started. I applied at the last minute to Montgomery College's Nursing Program for Fall 2012 on the 29th, the same day I took the TEAS for the first time! I was accepted to GW Nursing program last fall but couldn't afford the heavy price tag so I'm trying again, taking another route to get to the same destination. I was going to apply to Montgomery for Fall of 2013 but when my hours go cut at work I decided now was the time! I have all requirements done including micro and all general education classes completed so I'm hoping I get in. Does anyone know of a clinic that has reasonable fees for all the blood work and vaccines? Also, does anyone plan on working while in school?
    University of Maryland student Health Clinic Offers services to uninsured MC students at rates students can afford.
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    Guys I am a nervous wreck at the thought of waiting until mid June to find out!! I looked in the Fall 2011 applicants thread and they said they all got their acceptance letters at the end of May! Has anyone gotten any info from them saying that the application was received/processed or things to do etc? I hope we find out soon! Please let me know if you guys hear anything at all!
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    My Admission Stats

    Reading = 92.9%
    Adjusted Individual Score = 78.0%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level = Advanced

    EN 101
    BI 204
    BI 205
    MA 110
    --> I just need EN 102 to have all priority courses done

    Overall GPA (for all college courses): 3.3

    Anyone else want to share/compare so we can all feel a bit more at ease? Yikes I can not wait to find out about getting in!
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    Sarah, you look to be in great shape. The average teas score of applicants is 72-74 according to the program's staff. They also mentioned that mid-may letters will be out, so I trust their estimated time. If you look in earlier posts, you'll see detailed post of my teas scores. Overall 72%, i have all required and priority courses and after this semester only nursing classes for MC and after summer I, only nursing classes for rn-bsn. Im just really anxious to get the ball rolling towards my nursing career. If i dont get in this fall and have to put it off a semester or for a year, i'd be so upset! Good luck everyone. We will know soon enough.
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    Thanks drea588, I'll defiantly give them a call and get some pricing information on the physical and blood work. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person who will be working, but I think it's almost impossible to go to full time school and not work in the DC metropolitan area unless someone else is financially sponsoring your life! It's so expensive here. Has anyone heard if graduates are getting jobs after graduating? Good luck!
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    Hey Eramos809! Well at least you are already accustomed to working in a hospital setting. I think as long as we all get enough sleep we should be fine. I think I'm going to have to be ready to completely sacrifice any social life but, it's worth it. I'm ready to go! Hope to see you this fall.
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    Also, is $5110 the cost of tuition for all the nursing classes or is that per semester, because that is amazing!
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    kedacakes, i totally agree- this area is expensive and two years without an income is not an option I have. The $5110 is what I came up with. The nursing courses themselves account for 35 credit hours, and based on the current rates (Montgomery County Residents - 2011-12) - $5110! It is an awesome deal for the entire program! What we have consider is all the additional requirements for this program. Books, scrubs, travel, the blood titers, immunizations, BLS course, physical, etc... it adds up quickly and will likely be equal to the cost of one semester for start up.

    Everyone- Im excited, and really hopeful to be accepted. Theres so much waiting involved here! This time period before getting an answer is starting to get to me! After that you need to wait for more information, dates to turn in required paperwork, then the picking your schedule thing. Did you guys know its by lottery!? Everyone picks a number, and the lower the number the better the class picks!
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    Hey Kedacakes!
    There are also nearby clinics and offices that offer physicals at a reasonable price. There are two in Germantown, one is Germantown Primary Care 301-528-7110 and the other Medical Access 301-428-1070, they have reasonable prices for physicals and so forth. Call around and get quotes, oh and try any of the Community Clinics, they have several locations in Montgomery County. But the overall experience of working in a hospital is great, just observing the daily routines of nurses, physicians and other staff is an experience worth having. Just getting prepared to be in their shoes one day.

    Hey Drea,
    What is by lottery, getting your schedule once accepted? I had no idea of that, why is it that way? MC has the farthest date of notification than any other school in MD, FCC has known for months now and UMB students now know. I know their program is very competitive but this is such a long wait time! I just want to know, but for now I am going to assume I didn't get in and prepare to apply in Spring when I have all the priority courses done and re take the Teas to get a better score.

    I wish everyone luck and lets all hope for the best!!

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