Montgomery College Fall 2013 Applicants - page 4

Anyone else applied for MC Nursing Fall 2013?? Also, anyone know when we'll hear back? I am dying to know where I'll be going for the fall! :wavey:... Read More

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    I'm in and excited to get started. I'm new to area so don't know a lot of people yet. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I started a nursing program in South Carolina where my husband was stationed in the army but only got a third of the way through. I'll be starting over at Montgomery College but glad to have the opportunity to finish what I started.

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    New to the website! Too excited about getting accepted into the nursing program at Montgomery College. Congrats to everyone else see you on the 10th!!!
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    Goo job on starting over! I'm from North Carolina, welcome to the area. See you soon!
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    Good job on starting over! I'm from North Carolina but welcome to the area.
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    Hello everyone,
    I received my certified letter but my status is "standby." I am hopeful that I will get in although not sure on the probability of getting in for fall 2013. The letter says I still need to get everything done like health docs, etc. The only class I need to take is pathophysiology since my A&P are older that 5 years. Has anyone heard about standby status?
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    I have a friend who got the same letter. Im not sure when you guys will find out. I was told at the information session that the wait list is small and most have a good chance of getting in. I know 3 people who are turning down their spots so fingers crossed!

    Does anyone know how long the vaccinations and titers take? I have my appointment doctors appointment for June 11th but I am worried about getting all of the paper work in before the deadline. Do you just have to show that you have started some of them, or do they have to be completed? I thought the Hepatitis ones care done throughout 6 months.

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    Thanks kellydenise. That helps a lot. I work at a staffing agency and when I send nurses to get titers it typically takes about 7-10 days at a urgent care facility/clinic. Most time the wait is the physician signing off on the lab report. The hep B is the exception. I think as long as you show that you started the series that is fine.
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    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
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    To all who got accepted, congratulations to you guys!!!
    I want to apply for Fall 2014, right now I'm taking AP1, EN109, MA110 and BI 213. On Spring 2014, I will take Micro, AP2 and retake Chem101 (I got a C on Spring 2013).
    Therefore, by the application deadline I would only complete 3/4 priorities courses. My GPA is about 3.5 or 3.6.
    I'm sooooooo nervous because I've heard that Fall is always much more competitive than Spring. If I try to get a high Teas score, would my chance be higher?
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    From what I understood, as long as you have all the prerequisites completed before applying you have a good chance of being accepted. The Teas score is another important factor in your application, the higher you score, the higher the chances of you being accepted. I had to apply twice due to my low Teas score the first time around. Good luck!

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