mercy medical center in Baltimore?? mercy medical center in Baltimore?? | allnurses

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mercy medical center in Baltimore??

  1. 0 I had a job interview last tuesday at Mercy and was asked to shadow that day. I wasnt told when I'd hear back. Should I call Tuesday? I'm a new grad.
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    I would call nurse recruitment.
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    You could call your recruiter back. I remember it took upwards of three weeks before I heard if I got the position after I did my share day. The NM probably has to finish interviewing applicants. I wouldn't worry about it and would assume that you will likely be hired if your online account doesn't not have a notation that you were eliminated from the position. B16 needs night nurses badly.
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    Ok would they normally have you shadow if they have no interest in hiring you?
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    Nope, from what i have seen everyone who shadows gets the job. I haven't seen anyone shadow who has not gotten the job. It took them forever to get back to me. For the Ortho position it was almost four months from when I put in my application to when I actually started