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    Hello everyone,
    I applied for the RN program at CCBC Essex and the LPN program at CCBC Dundalk. I don't think I got accepted into the RN program However, I am still holding out hope that I am wait-listed. The LPN program is not ideal, but it is the back door to RN because CCBC has an LPN to RN program. Also, my thought is, I am still going to apply to the RN program for next spring (even if I do get accepted into the LPN). That way, LPN will be my safety net and I won't be as heart broken if I get a 3rd rejection.

    Anyone else apply to the LPN program? I know there were a lot of applicants for the RN. I was wondering if there were as many applicants for the LPN??? We should know something by Mid-June.

    Oh, one more thing, did anyone else apply to both and is accepting their spot to the RN program?

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    Hello, is there really no one else who applied to this program? Wow, this wait is really going to be hard not chatting with anyone.
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    So, as of May 16th my online application changed to under review. Woo Whoo! Getting closer! Any else who applied feel free to join me in this wait, lol.
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    hello kelly.
    my application changed to "under review" as of may 17th. I have already received a pink card informing me that my application has been processed. It also says in there that the decision will be mailed late or mid June.
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    I got my pink card too. I am sooo hoping we find out soon!!! My only worry is my TEAS score. I know it wasn't high enough for the RN program, but maybe it will be ok for the LPN program. I am getting excited. Keep me posted.
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    Do you know of anyone else who applied to the LPN program? I don't, but that just may be because most of my classes are taken online. Good Luck to you!
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    I hope something will post on simon today. I am tired of waiting. If it took 8 weeks to post something for the RN program, and 1 of those weeks were spring break, what is the hold-up for the LPN program? Not to mention, there were around 500 applications for the RN and only about 100 for the LPN. Ugh! I just want to know already. If I can't even get into LPN, then my chances of getting into the RN are very slim.

    Obviously Nars1234 and I are not the only ones who applied. If you applied and you are reading this thread, GOOD LUCK! Also, you can email me or send me a private message.
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    Yet another week of waiting... Anyone else want to join me on this thread? LOL, I feel like I am swimming alone here. LOL.
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    I just found out I am Accepted!!! Yay!
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    status: SHP accepted
    seat fee posted!
    That's what i'm talking about!
    Woohooo..lets do this