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LPN/ Loans..HELP (vmt)

  1. 0 Hi Everyone!

    Iam currently looking for a accerlated LPN program. I have enrolled into VMT education center in DC but Iam having a problem finding a way to pay for the month to month cost. I haven been searching high and low for any loans that accept VMT or any loans that I can apply for. Does anyone know any loan places that accept VMT or any other LPN programs that do accept a certian kind of loan.. I need help PLEASE!

    Thank you!
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    I know Global Health in Va, has an LPN program where they qualify for financial aid. I don't know the time frame to graduate their address is http://www.ghnts.com/. Also their is a new program at Everest college in VA where financial aide is also offered for their RN 2 yr program. I was no longer intrested in this program after hearing the cost of the program is $43,000. And there is no advance standing. Their first class begins in April I believe.
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    I have not heard good things about VMT's program..a couple of the LPN's I work with complained about the school & the education they received. I have heard good things about UDC's program & also Comprehensive Health Academy. Have you looked into them?
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    Yea I looked @ all of them...Im thinking bout going to CHA but it's still the same no fin.aid...and I need to find a loan tha works with any of the schools in DC for the 12month LPN programs.
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    UDC has some info on loans for their program here http://www.udc.edu/academics/nursing.../financial.htm