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Hi, I recently moved here and have applied for several jobs with JHH, however I was rejected for all of them. It seems that one I applied for required a bachelor's degree and the other two... Read More

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    I will for sure! That's crazy...sounds like maybe she wasn't impressed with those of us that interviewed. Hmmm... Ok, to be honest, I got the job with the CSICU!!! That's why I called today, because I would prefer the hours of the OR. But, it sounds like I'm not going to be able to wait and find out.
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    Thats amazing (I think its amazing) haha
    If, by chance, I get offered the OR, wanna switch? haha.

    Does that mean you are going to take the offer from CSICU?
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    LOL! Thank you!!! Well, I called today to ask how long I can sit on the offer. She sounded surprised, like they are never asked that question. I explained to her the reason and so she said she would follow-up for me. But, it sounds like I can't wait. Don't get me wrong, it is amazing!!! Just very nervous about the job. It seems much more critical than what I experienced in school. I'm definately super happy about it though!!
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    You're welcome!

    Sounds like you had two different recruiters? One for the OR and one for CSICU?
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    No, just one but my recruiter wasn't there yesterday or today...
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    did you get an offer letter or a phone call?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey, I replied to your message, but just in case you don't see it. I got an offer email, then about 2 weeks later, I got a letter in the mail.