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Hi! Are there any others out there doing orientation @ JHH on the 28th of November? Also, for the ones who've already started orientation, what should I wear? The letter just says "dress professionally" but a professional... Read More

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    Glad you found your way their this morning!! I didn't see this until now. I didn't have a chance to talk to you today. I think you sat a couple of rows behind me I heard your name being called but by the time I turned around I couldn't tell who it was....Hahaha!

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    Lol, yes I did find my way I guess my name is my user on here, isn't it? Which row & seat were you in? Hopefully we can properly meet tomorrow!
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    Congrats to all that are starting at JHH this week! Wish you a successful career there!
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    I was in the middle section in the front row. Last seat on the right.

    Thanks Fashionista!
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    I work at hopkins and when they say dress professionally they literally mean business professional. I remember someone showed up in jeans and they made them go home and change into business casual attire before returning.

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