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Hello Maryland nurses :) I'm from the Boston area, graduating with my ADN in May. I applied for the JHH clinical nurse residency program and I just got contacted for an interview! I don't know... Read More

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    Quote from army
    this is the second time!
    Ditto. This is the second job I've applied for at JHH where they've posted a job, accepted my application, then decide that the job was on hold. I'm not sure what's going on, but it is frustrating.

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    I applied 2 days ago for a position in the ED at JHH. I got an email tonight from a nurse recruiter saying that the hiring manager doesn't foresee any openings until Fall 2011, but I can still interview. I guess that means it's a "waitlisted" position (I've never heard of this term before)? Although it's not ideal to have to wait until the Fall, I agree that working for JHH is an awesome opportunity. Here's hoping.
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    Quote from vickybabymama
    the hiring manager doesn't foresee any openings until Fall 2011, but I can still interview.
    Do you mean that JHH isn't hiring anyone until Fall, or just not hiring anyone for ED positions until the Fall? I looked on their website today and there was an opening for a nurse clinician position in "Medicine" whatever that means.

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    I'm pretty sure it's just for this ED position. All units have different staffing needs, so it may not be the case for the other positions listed.
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    I applied for pediatric medsurg and they told me right when I applied that it would be a wait list application for the fall. I had never heard of the whole "wait list" thing until then too. It basically means, you interview and have everything ready so when the position opens up, they can hire you immediately instead of doing the interview. This way the position is filled immediately and they never face an actual immediate need for new staff. (Thats my best explanation of it)

    I'll hoping they will know their need for the Fall as soon as possible though. I don't mind waiting till the end of August to start as far I know I have a job guarantee.
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    Sweetie85, have you scheduled an interview yet? I emailed the recruiter back 2 days ago and she hasn't gotten back to me about the interview. Maybe she is just forwarding on my application to the manager and he/she will have to look it over first. I guess it just takes a long time for the whole process.
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    Definitely a long process! I had my interview on March 25th and I'm still waiting for a official answer. I have a verbal one (i think), but i'm still waiting for a written wait list letter.

    From my experience, it did take about a month from the application to have a actual interview date. The interview was still almost a month from when I got my date confirmed. Now its been a month since the interview. Looong process. Just gotta wait it out and let things happen when its supposed too. I'm just studying for boards and looking for other positions to apply for while I wait. I hope I get some good news soon though. I spoke to the nurse manager almost 3 weeks ago, I'm gonna wait it after graduation, May 9 to call her again. Obviously, patience is key with the whole application process, not just for Hopkins, with any hospital.

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    Wow, thanks so much for the info! I won't worry about not hearing back from them just yet. I was prepared to start hounding HR! CONGRATS on the job and GOOD LUCK on your boards!!!
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    The hospital (ED, ICU, Peds) will be moving into a new clinical building, spring of 2012; I assume many departments are trying to figure out their staffing numbers to prepare for this move, as well as to cover the many nurses who leave, since getting their higher degrees or for personal reasons.

    If you can get an interview as a new grad that is great; most hospitals are still freezing out hiring of new grads...I know a few new grads in my department that worked as techs for a few months, before being hired on as RNs, even though they had passed their Boards.

    The interview process, at least in the ED, was very similar to what was already described.

    If they call you in for an interview, you'll most likely get the position, as long as you know your nursing skills and are confident about communicating that to your interviewer.
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    It took me a while to figure out that JHH posts a lot of Nurse Clinician I positions for just one day. A day later, the posting is gone. On Wednesday, I saw a posting for a new grad opening in the PCU, and submitted an online application. Lo and behold, unlike the 8 previous positions I applied for, I got an email yesterday inviting me to come in for an interview in about 3 weeks!

    So my question to anyone monitoring this thread is: what sorts of questions should I anticipate during my interview? PCU is a cardiac ICU/IMC unit, but I'm not sure if the interview questions will be exclusively cardiac-related. Can someone give me a heads up on what to expect? Insight from anyone already working at JHH would be especially nice. :-)

    Meanwhile just to stay busy, I'm taking the NCLEX about a week before my interview.

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