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  1. 0 JHH wants to interview me for a position with the CSICU. I'm assuming this is a cardiac surgical intensive care unit? Whatever it is, I am so excited!!! Just wanted to share!
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    YAY I wish you tons and tons of luck! Is your interview scheduled- if so, for when?
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    Yes, I have 3 interviews now. The 14th, 18th & 19th. Very, very excited! How about you? Did they schedule you yet?
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    Wow that's amazing. What are the units besides CSICU?
    I am so excited and anxious. My interview is on the 10th. I've been preparing for this day for such a long time and yet I cant sleep because I'm so nervous!!
    I wish you the best of luck!
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    The others are WOR/Wilmer/W4D and Weinberg 4D. What about you?

    I'm excited and soooo very nervous too! What are you going to wear, lol? I haven't been on an interview in quite a while. Nursing is a second career for me.
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    I'll be wearing a skirt suit. This is a big day that I've waited more than a year for. I am picking out my scrubs for share time!! I think I'll wear royal blue scrubs..
    What about you?
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    Yes, definately a suit! I will probably wear navy blue scrubs. I wish you the very best of luck!!! Hopefully, we'll both get hired and maybe orienting together
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    @ucfRN and sbrownRN, did you guys got the job? I have an interview at W4A, do you know what unit that is? how long was the interview? Thanks guys
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    I'm waiting to hear back from the manager about an offer
    The interview was smooth, very relaxed. I toured the unit for share time. You should bs shoes and scrubs.
    W4A is Weinberg 4A, it's a surgical oncology unit. If hired, you would be assisted to be chemo certified etc. Sounds like a great opportunity.

    Good luck Majestic RN!
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    Hi SBrown, Im from FL & would loooove to be a JH nurse. How are you loving JH so far? I have 1 yr bedside experience but been a nurse for 5 years. Its been a week since Ive applied to JH & no app status change yet. How do i reach nurse recruiter being Im all the way in FL