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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am so confused, worried and nervous, I have an interview coming up in less than 2weeks with NM at (W4A) JHH, though my interview letter says RN position (new grad), but I talked about the rn/uap sometimes ago wt the nurse recruiter. My question is, do you get hired as an RN for RN/uap position? My cna license is way expired (MBON said i ve to go back to cna school to renew lol!) since i never used it throughout nursing school. Did everyone here (allnurses) that interviewed at JHH got hired?. I really want to this job. Thanks.
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  3. by   ucfRN
    Hey great question!

    Did you already take and pass the NCLEX? I read on the MBON site that if you are an RN (new graduate etc) that you qualify for getting CNA licensure (which I believe just means you pay the $20 for the certification). HTH

    From my conversation with the Nurse Recruiter, it seems you can transition very quickly from a UAP to RN in that position. Maybe they have changed their minds and want to hire you as an RN. If you are hired as an UAP/RN, they pay you at a higher rate as a UAP (18.35 instead of 15). Don't quote me on that!

    Good luck to you and best wishes!
  4. by   ucfRN
    I found a few lines from the MBON website if JHH tells you that you do need to be certified.

    Just to be clear: I dont know if you need to be certified or if your RN license will suffice.

    I found this: "Graduates of approved nursing programs RN or LPN may apply for certification as a CNA without further training if the applicant’s approved RN or LPN educational program meets the CNA Training program requirements." (MBON website)
  5. by   MajesticRN
    @ucfRN, thanks for your replies. I actually got the cna license after my first semester nursing school, but it expired and i never renewed it. I don`t know if another one can be isssued. I am so stressed out. Though I was not asked to bring a cna license, I just want to have incase it is needed.
  6. by   ucfRN
    Hi MajesticRN,

    Before you recieved notice to interview for W4A, did you contact nurse recruitment and get an email that your application has been forwarded?
    Just wondering because I just got an email that my app is forwarded.
  7. by   MajesticRN
    @ucfRN, yes i got an email saying my app has been forwarded to the surgical unit, and the the interview invitation. Thanks for your response.
  8. by   LAtoMD
    Okay I was almost hired for that position and did not have a CNA license at the time so DO NOT worry. Following a job offer, just go to the Maryland Board of Nursing (the CNA department) and apply in person. It will make things a lot simpler!
  9. by   MajesticRN
    @LA2MD, Thanks for your response. you said you almost got hired for same position, were you not hired because of the cna license? iI have been to MBON (cna) and was told since it is way expired, I have to retrain (which does not make sense to me). Thanks.
  10. by   LAtoMD
    I was offered the position at the very end of September but I had an interview the next day with Meyer 3 (a general psychiatric unit) and was offered a RN NCI position in my unit of choice so I declined it.
    If you graduated from school already you need to get an official transcript and bring it in the MBON unopened so you have verification that you have graduated, bring a copy of your RN license as well. I was in the process of doing that when the next day I was immediately offered my RN position. With a RN license there's no way they should make you retrain.