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Hello to all, I was wondering if anyone new the current starting salary for new grads at JHH in Baltimore. Thanks.... Read More

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    Do not work here - if you know any better. The benefits are getting worse and worse and turn over rate is high on most floors. Pay is one of the lowest in Baltimore. Also, if you're not from the area, moving to Baltimore is going to be a culture shock. The whole city is sketchy.

    Hopkins knows that it has a great reputation and therefore can afford to treat it's nurses like 3rd class citizens and low on the totem pole. It is one of the richest institutions in the world and keeps it's money by paying their employees the lowest they can get away with.

    I repeat - do NOT work here. Not worth the mark on your resume.

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    yep, still there but looking for new things. Not leaving just more of a challenge , a change, something new.

    Good luck with your interview. What floor are you looking at ?
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    Where in Baltimore do you make $5 more an hour as a new grad?
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    JHH is salaried for the RN PACE program--which means you get the same paycheck every two weeks. You also are expected to work 40 hours a week so basically every 4th week you work 4-12's instead of 3-12's. So technically you work more hours but you are also paid for that as well. It calculates in differentials for holidays, weekends, and nights. It equals out to a little over $28/hour or $59k a year. This is comparable to UMMC. As far as I know, Sinai Hospital has the most competitive pay for new grads. The base pay at Sinai is about $26/hr +$3 nights, +2.50 weekends so on a weekend night you could be making almost $33/hr. UMMC starts you off at around $24 with differentials. Keep in mind how much health insurance is too--that is usually taken out pretax which is nice. Hope this helps!
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    Any updates in 2014 for this hospital's hiring and salary? How much does a travel nurse make?
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    Im currently employed as an RN in Bayview. I love my unit and the people I worked with. I started 2011 and they start me at $24.60/hr and currently im making $25 and few cents /hr.My good freind was hired at JHH downtown a yrs ago and he is making $5.00 more.
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    Hopkins Salary in still pretty much the same as above.

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