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  1. 0 Is there a place hiring new grads in baltimore/maryland?
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    I'm in Texas, so don't know anything about hospitals in Baltimore, but I'm having bad luck with hospitals in Texas too. Actually, I have applied to anything and everything and still no luck. Have you thought about dialysis centers like DaVita. They apparently hire new grads and do thorough training.
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    Thanks! im gonna try them.
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    My daughter got hired by a hospital in Baltimore after being out of school for 14 months. There are lots of vacancies for RNs, just not new grads. Most of the hospitals in the area have either achieved Magnet status or are seeking certification. One of the requirements for this is that they offer an extensive orientation program. Because this is costly and time consuming, most hospitals are hiring a very small number at a time. Keep yourself in the faces of the recruiters, and take any job you can to get past the "new grad" status....
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    I'm in the same boat... I think i've applied for about 150 jobs and so far nothing... I've had a few interviews but no one has hired me... I'm getting so frustrated and praying that one of these interviews will pan out. I tried Davita but they e-mailed me and said I didn't have the experience and they wouldn't hire me... I had to take a restaraunt job to pay the bills in the meantime... I thought this degree would be the end of that for me but oh well....

    Let me know if you get any good leads cause I'm feelin you!!!
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    Ok will let u know elliott1984
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    I'm writting back again because I've had some luck. Mullen immunization clinics, Crofton care and rehabilitation, Robert Andrew medical spa, and options senior care are all hiring and they hire new grads.

    I was offered a job at Joseph Richey Hospice downtown so fortunately my job hunt is over now. I hope you can find something soon if you haven't already!

    Good Luck!!!
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    Thanks for the info. Are you meaning downtown Baltimore? I have just moved here and am very interested in hospice care. What are your hours and is the pay decent, if you don't mind my asking. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the info. I'm so happy for you and wishing u best of luck with the new job. R those places in Baltimore that u posted?