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    Does anyone knows what kind of unit is W4A at John Hopkins Hospital? Thanks for your replies.:redpinkhe

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    It's surgical oncology. If you look up "specialties and units" tab under hopkinsnursing.org, then click surgery. Apparently it's more surgical than oncology, if that makes sense.
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    @ucfRN, Thanks sooooooooo much. I found it.
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    Do you have an interview with the unit?
    I received an email that my app was forwarded. Anyhow, it's been a three business days and I haven't heard back for an interview.
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    @ucfRN, I applied, got a reply to list what unit i will prefer to work, din`t hear from NR for couple of days (1wk or so), then I called and reminded the NR about my email, then got the "forwarded to surgical unit manager" email, then same day, got the interview email. (I will give till midweek if no reponse then call) I hope and pray we get to work@JHH.
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    I am a little confused. I recieved the email "Your application has been forwarded to W4A". Then two days ago, I got an email for interviewing with Nelson 7...
    Is it possible that I can be interviewed for it although my app was not forwarded. The NR sent the email saying "I have reviewed your app and am happy to invite you for an interview". I thought it would be up to the NM of the unit. Or maybe its a typo and its an interview with W4A?
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    I think they try to fill all open positions regardless of where you apply. I applied to peds but also got interview with W4A, which i don`t mind. if given opportunity to interview on diff floors on my interview day, i will gladly do. I will prepare to interview for W4A unit. when is ur interview? I wish you and I goodluck! Who is ur recruiter (initials)? mine is M.G
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    Oh of course, I would not pass up the opportunity. I really love cardiac though and would love to be a working RN. But, I will take what is offered because this is something I've been patient for.
    I interviewed with MG for wilmer OR, the decision has not come yet. Now, BW has contacted me for forwarding my app to w4a with no interview email yet and an interview email for Nelson7.

    Best of luck to you and I!
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    Hi MajesticRN,

    Did you interview yet? Instead of w4a, I got an interview with W4D. I am a little nervous about the RN/UAP position as I dont know how long it will take to transition to a RN position :/
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    @ucfRN, yes i did the interview/shared day, it went well. the floor is kinda okay. though i was hoping for a nurse clinician position but i was offered the uap/rn, hey! a beggar has no choice!. I will gladly take it if hired.Did they tell you why you got w4d instead of w4a? I hope it is because the want to hire me. Acting NM said she has one more applicant to interview, (are you the one). Hopefully we get hired. besides $18.35/getting a job after 6months is not a bad start. I heard it can take as long as 6months to transit, we will hope it doesn`t take that long for us. Did you see anything interesting while shadowing? I freaked out and almost passed out when i saw a drooling trach, i rushed to go get some iced h20/calm down for few seconds to calm me down,lol!

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