In search of good lpn programs in the DC MD VA area.

  1. I am in search of some advice on PN programs in the DMV area. I'm currently a CNA/GNA. I have done some research online and bounced around from comprehensive health academy, Star institute, UDC, VMT etc. I really don't know too many people in the nursing field so any advice would help. Thanks.
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  3. by   rayshettabrown
    I did CHI-Capital Health was 12 months. Just glad I got it done and over with. I took my boards in MD. My only problem is they had only a couple of teacher that were american..most of the teachers was African and had very heavy accents..other than that it was a good program.. pass my boards on the 1st try and now working on my RN three years later
  4. by   Motherofangels
    thank u for responding and the info rayshettabrown ..... i looked online recently on the dc board of nursing and many of the old schools that were no longer board certified including chi and vmt. i think i might try comprehensive or udc. seems like an easier path to start off with rather than spending years on pre req's alone for an rn. there are no private lpn schools in maryland and the commute to dc is not too bad for me. congrats on going for the rn!!!!!
  5. by   rayshettabrown
    Just looked at the boards for DC,CHI,CHA,Radians,VMT,Univ of DC all are approved and listed under the DC board of nursing..
  6. by   Motherofangels
    Hey, I saw on the dc board that VMT and CHI are losing accreditation at the end of the year so I think I'll stay away from them. I'll just be glad when I'm finally enrolled and attending and get it over with. Just hope I can find a job when I leave after investing $9000 out of pocket !!!! I have seen so many horror stories of people getting LPN and can't find an entry level job. Hopefully my job will give me a chance.