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  1. Hi,

    I have a question for anyone who knows anything about the nursing program at HCC. I submitted my application for the RN Evening/Weekend program in this past fall 2010 semester. I have all of the requirements completed. Does anyone know when they start the lottery selection process? And about when I should expect to hear back (do they contact you by mail?) on wheather I am accpeted or on the waitlist?

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   PharmaRN
    Hi Primie,

    I'm a graduate of the accelerated RN program at HCC... as a resident of Anne Arundel County who 'jumped ship' and went to HCC instead of AACC, I just wanted to let you know that it's an incredible nursing program and I couldn't be happier with my choice to have gone there.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I believe the standard admission applicants get notified in the early Spring. The accelerated program starts in late May and applicants for standard admission got notified by early February... I believe the fall students were about two months behind that.

    If you'd like a more specific date, I'd recommend you contact Robin Becker-Cornblatt in advising. She's a fantastic resource and is the assistant director of admissions for the nursing program. Here's her contact info: 443-518-4137.

    Hope that helps!
  4. by   nurseinthemaking101
    I turned in my application for the FALL 2011 in Feb 2010.
    Last night i received a letter that I am on the waitlist (between #40-#50), they do tell you the exact number, just don't want to put it on here..
    I've been extremely down since last nite..Oh yea, Im out-of-county
  5. by   Primie2
    Hi Nurseinthemaking,

    Sorry to hear that, many students apply to more than one college so perhaps those that got accepted will decide to go somewhere else and those who did not will decide they don't want to wait and go somewhere else aswell. Then you will move up on the waitlist. Don't get too down it won't be so bad. Did you apply for the day or evening/weekend option?
  6. by   Primie2
    Oh I wanted to add that if you applied for the day option than you will probably only have to wait until the spring semester since that program admits in the fall and spring semesters. Also, i do know someone that was number 25 on the wait list in past and they ended up getting in because so many people dropped. Hopefully that makes it a little better for you. Good luck.
  7. by   nurseinthemaking101
    Thanks so much..That makes me feel much better. I too applied to other schools so hopefully I'll hear good news from them soon.
    So glad to hear that someone on waiting list #25 made it in! wow...maybe, just maybe, I have a chance..I've just waited for 3yrs since undergrad that Im ready to start this Nursing program and get it over with...
    Thanks soo much for your response tho!
  8. by   LindsaySara
    I passed my HESI exam the first time I took it in January 2014 and submitted my application immediately. I have finished all my prerequisites, not just those required. I am in county...and I got notification on 3/20/14 that I am wait-listed at #40. I am looking at these old posts and thinking ...has the program increased in popularity that much? I mean it must have if people who applied in 2011 got wait-listed between #40-50 when they were out of county, and the same wait-list number now applies to those in county. They need to make the program more competitive considering half the people who get in won't graduate. 2.0 is too low of GPA for prerequisites for the program. I mean does anyone know anyone who entered the nursing program with a 2.0 GPA and graduated the program and passed board exams?
  9. by   Val0512
    I applied to both programs (traditional and the accelerated). For the traditional program I’m # 70 and for the accelerated program I’m #13. I live in Anne Arundel County so I wasn’t too surprised. I applied to several other schools but the accelerated program is my first choice.
  10. by   Ajcali
    Hi LindsaySara, I'm shocked to hear that you were waitlisted. I still need to finish A&P II and Chem before applying but reading all these posts is making me very concerned. Did you get in the program? Also, any tips on the HESI exam?
  11. by   PocketSize
    If I wanted to start the accelerated program next May, how soon should I submit everything? I take Chem Fall 2014 (Aug-Dec) (currently at AACC) but switching schools.
  12. by   ladybugsmama
    Thanks for this info. I'm in the process of working on pre-reqs and initially I was only going to apply to HCCC, but I think I'm going to apply to AACC and U of MD since it looks like the programs are so competitive. I need into other programs within the state as well.
  13. by   roxiroxmysox
    Hi guys, I'm in the program now and got wait listed in the 80s and am out of state. I ended up getting in for that spring... So it wasn't too bad of a wait
  14. by   goya_aris
    I am finishing up my micro and chem this fall 2014 at another community college and will submit my application for the evening traditional program before February 2015 to get in the first round of lottery. I have done A&P I and II and all other academic requirements but the Microbiology and Chemistry. I will also take HESI exam by october and hopefully pass it. I am in-county but I am really worried that I might get wait listed because the wait list from this year will be rolled over. There are 48 seats for the evening program. Does anybody know how many people applies to the evening program vs the day program?

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