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I just accepted a position at Johns Hopkins. I am thrilled, but as a new grad, I am a little intimidated and nervous about it all. Just wondering if anyone has any advise, or any insight into the... Read More

  1. by   jlo6RN
    I have no advise on the living aspect of Baltimore, as I live about a 50 minute drive north. I wish you all luck on finding places though. The nice thing about this area is that if you live near I95 you can get to JHH pretty quick even if you don't live that close to the city. I know a couple of people in my area that take the train in, so that is also an option if you don't want to live in the city. As far as the interview, mine was pretty much the same as everyone else. How have I handled difficult people or situations....but I didn't get any priority type questions. I was really nervous, but the NM was so nice that I felt really comfortable with her and the interview seemed more like a discussion. I really enjoyed the share time because I was able to ask a lot of questions related to how the unit is as far as teamwork and management. I still have lots of questions about orientation though. I have emailed HR, but have not heard anything yet.
  2. by   LAtoMD
    Quote from aNYTrini-n-FLRN
    Hi there!!! Excited for you good news!! I am a new grad from Orlando Florida and will start on Neuro/Meyer 9 on jan 3. Looking for a place or a roommate. Do you know anyone preferably an fellow RN.

    Any insight will help
    Hey! Congrats on your job! Unfortunately I only know a few people and they all have roommates as of now. I live at the Avalon Centerpoint apartment complex downtown. It's two blocks up from Pratt St. and less than two miles from JHH. I love the convenience of it being right there downtown. Avalon Centerpoint has a ton of young professionals and medical students so it's not noisy and VERY SAFE. I start orientation in two weeks so if I hear of any other new grad that will be needing a roommate during that time I'll keep you posted!
  3. by   ljenki328
    I am starting Halloween too at Hopkins!
  4. by   LAtoMD
    what unit were you hired for? and what form of transportation will you be using to get to work? I currently have a car up here with me but I live downtown and I'm debating on using the metro or shuttles which are easy to access to get to Hopkins rather than driving.
  5. by   ljenki328
    My unit is Nelson 4 - an Adult Medicine floor. And as for transportation, I live in baltimore county, so I'll just be driving my car. I had a few of my clinical rotations at Hopkins and had a few friends that used the metro and really liked it! Probably a lot cheaper than paying for parking in the garages too.
  6. by   sbrownRN
    Hi I was also hired recently. I have a question that perhaps one of you can answer, since many of you have completed the steps required and are getting ready to orient. I received my offer letter last Thursday but I have not gotten the email with instructions for my two visits to the JHH health office. Should I contact them again, you think? I don't want to be a bother, but it feels like they forgot to send me the link...
  7. by   ljenki328
    @sbrownRN - they didn't forget about you! It took them about 2-3 weeks to send me my occupational health email after I got my offer letter. They have to do a bunch of stuff b4 they send it. Don't worry!
  8. by   sbrownRN
    Oh, ok lol! Thank you, that makes me feel better Just want to make sure all my ducks are in a row!
  9. by   sbrownRN
    Got the email today
  10. by   fashionistaRN
    For all the new JHH hires how has been the experience been so far?! How are you holding up?
  11. by   sbrownRN
    Great question! Wondering the same thing...
  12. by   BaltimoreHon
    Are you still looking for a place? I know someone who is renting out the cutest townhome in a very nice neighborhood only a few miles from JHH.