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I just accepted a position at Johns Hopkins. I am thrilled, but as a new grad, I am a little intimidated and nervous about it all. Just wondering if anyone has any advise, or any insight into the orientation/spring program.... Read More

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    My unit is Nelson 4 - an Adult Medicine floor. And as for transportation, I live in baltimore county, so I'll just be driving my car. I had a few of my clinical rotations at Hopkins and had a few friends that used the metro and really liked it! Probably a lot cheaper than paying for parking in the garages too.

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    Hi I was also hired recently. I have a question that perhaps one of you can answer, since many of you have completed the steps required and are getting ready to orient. I received my offer letter last Thursday but I have not gotten the email with instructions for my two visits to the JHH health office. Should I contact them again, you think? I don't want to be a bother, but it feels like they forgot to send me the link...
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    @sbrownRN - they didn't forget about you! It took them about 2-3 weeks to send me my occupational health email after I got my offer letter. They have to do a bunch of stuff b4 they send it. Don't worry!
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    Oh, ok lol! Thank you, that makes me feel better Just want to make sure all my ducks are in a row!
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    Got the email today
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    For all the new JHH hires how has been the experience been so far?! How are you holding up?
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    Great question! Wondering the same thing...
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    Are you still looking for a place? I know someone who is renting out the cutest townhome in a very nice neighborhood only a few miles from JHH.

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