HCC , Towson, CCBC, Morgan ????

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    I am currently planning on attending harford community college despite the fact that I got into Towson and Morgan State University. (not the actual nursing program)
    The reason being is because I heard Towson University Nursing Program only accepts about 70 out of about 300 students that apply and Morgans nursing program is not accredited.
    I currently have a 3.0 GPA about to attend my 3rd year of college and have a couple more prerequisites that will hopefully boost my GPA up for both HCC and CCBC.
    Im confused on which Maryland Nursing Program I should apply to.
    Does any body know the acceptance rate for CCBC, Morgan and possibly even Stevenson?
    Or anybody recently got into any of these programs can tell me their GPA and TEASE test score

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    Towson Nursing is extremely competitive, I've also heard that Stevenson's program is competitive. I haven't heard much about Morgan but I would be really hesitant to attend a program that isn't accredited. CCBC is supposed to be the best community college for nursing but I think that if you do well at either CCBC or HCC it won't matter that much where you got the degree. Good Luck!
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    Thanks, are you currently at any nursing program
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    Applying to Towson nursing for next semester
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    Hey, I was accepted to HCC and CCBC. They both are very competitive programs. I applied for the evening weekend program. At HCC they accept 20 students and CCBC 40. You can go to HCC Website and they give you the point system they go by. I believe it's based off 30 points. You want somewhere around 22. And CCBC average GPA is a 3.4 but I know people that got in with a 3.0 and both pretty much want a proficient on teas. An advanced will give you an edge. I'll be starting the CCBC program in August!!! But I would add that HCC is an 18 month program and it's a very good solid program and the professors are amazing.
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    Thanks. Just out of curiousity what made you choose ccbc over hcc
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    goodluck tuhopeful !
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    I was accepted into HCC for the traditional days program (I have kids in school). HCC accepts 48 students for traditional days, 24 for accelerated and 20-24 for nights and weekends. The traditional program is 4 semesters and the usual breaks. They are starting to really look at TEAS scores and the better you do the better your chances of getting accepted to the program. I have a 3.75 GPA and I scored 3 points on my TEAS (I got an 85) and totaled 25 points. I didn't bother to apply any where other than HCC but I have heard good things about CCBC. Good luck with your search!!!
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    I really liked HCC and the teachers there were absolutely amazing and it's a solid program. Here are the reason why I chose CCBC. I took the evenings and weekends and they have a lab on Wednesday that starts I 4:00pm. I work full time and I would have had a really hard time making it there on time. That was the main reason. Second, because I work full time I liked that CCBC wasn't accelerated. HCC is an intense program and I wanted to do the best I could and learn the most. I was told by faculty that not to many people survived the program who worked full time. The last reason is because I began my journey at CCBC and I have several friends that will be in my nursing class, especially a close one which kind of sealed the deal. Are you leaning one way or the other?
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    congrats ksnyder14 and good luck!

    Im leaning more toward HCC just because thats where I took me pre-req but I know CCBc is a bigger school and have two campuses for the nursing program. Are you able to apply for both campuses?

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