Considering Notre Dame of MD BSN?? From former student

  1. Hey everyone!
    I just graduated with my BSN from Notre Dame in May and passed my NCLEX in July on the first try! If you are in the Baltimore area and looking for a BSN program, I urge you to consider Notre Dame of MD University!

    Their BSN program a few years old. First class graduated 2015 and I am a apart of the third graduating class, but they have had a MSN program for number of years. It's a private women's college. My graduating class was about 40 and they are trying to increase their numbers of course since they are just starting out.

    I really enjoyed having a smaller class size because I became close with a lot of the girls I graduated with and I felt like we were all individualized, a name and not just a number, which I think is so important in a nursing school. The professors are amazing and I really felt they cared about our success and well-being as nursing students. Their doors were always open and were so helpful when responding to questions and forming us into the best nurses we could be. I honestly feel that coming out of this program, I am a well-rounded nurse in learning to care not only for the patients physical needs, but their emotional, mental and spiritual as well.

    Their simulation lab is pretty standard with mannequins that talk, sweat, cry, give birth and all of that cool stuff that enhances learning. Very nice classrooms. The nursing building is three years old so it's very nice. Their NCLEX pass rates were 100% last year on the first try and with my graduating class it's looking to be about the same.

    If you all have any questions, please feel free to private message me or comment! I urge you to consider this program. The professors and staff are wonderful people, nurses and educators.