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Hello, anyone else applying for the CNL program spring 2018? My application is complete and ready for review. Just wanted to see where everyone else is at..... Read More

  1. by   deeero
    No, I forgot to ask that =/ But I've heard from others it's 2-4 weeks.
  2. by   SmilingSleepSeeker
    Hey everyone! I received an interview invitation on September 7th. I had my interview yesterday September 13th. I'm nervous about how it went. I was told it would be about 3 weeks or so until a decision was made.
  3. by   deeero
    My status changed to provisional admit today! Does that mean I'm in as long as I get A's and B's in the rest of my classes?
  4. by   asknursejudz
    Yesssssssss!!!!!!! Omg we were just talking about it. I'm gonna check mine when I get home. Congrats girllll
  5. by   deeero
    I wasn't going to check today because we talked about how I was driving myself crazy lol. Aren't you glad I checked?! Hahahahaha

    Thanks so much! I hope you get good news too!
  6. by   NurseChamp
    I got in too!!! It says provisional admit but i think it's because I'm currently taking my last prerequisite- Nutrition. Omg I'm so happy!!! Guys, we should all find a way to connect on campus come January!
  7. by   Luvlox101
    Congratulations!! Very exciting! I had my I interview of course now I am anxiously
  8. by   deeero
    Yep I'm taking 4 prereqs right now haha. Micro, A&P2, nutrition, human development. Gotta keep my grades up!! Congrats nursechamp! Looking forward to meeting you

    Good luck luvlox! Let us know when you get a decision!
  9. by   Luvlox101
    No pressure right!?!? Ha!
    Thanks will do! Good luck with the remaining semester!
  10. by   asknursejudz
    I got in toooooo!!!!! Excited ......just need to finish my last two pre requisites strong!!! This is great motivation!!!!! Thanks for checking
  11. by   deeero
    Yay go us! So exciting! Now to study hard and get those A's!
  12. by   NurseChamp
    deero, congrats!!! Looking forward to meeting you as well, i was so excited i actually cried! Best news of the year so far.
    Luvlox101, good luck! The waiting sucks but hopefully you'll hear something soon
  13. by   Luvlox101