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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day... Read More

  1. Visit  TdavisRN2014 profile page too but mine was yesterday...I was so excited only to find out that it was my parking sticker.....
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    nothing yet anyone? I guess I will make the call and persuade someone to give me some info. This is so agonizing!
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    Nothing yet. I think we're all officially delirious. And this is beyond agonizing.
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    TdavisRN2014...A parking sticker.... I bet that was a huge let down. LOL!
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    Any word Dana?!
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    It's really disappointing that they send fliers out around this time because we're all waiting for our letters. :-( Parking stickers, tuition bills, and those silly reminders that you're taking an online class in the next semester... I mean, can't they wait!?
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    So true
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    Sorry - I just went ahead and emailed them.

    I was just told that letters SHOULD be mailed out at the end of next week.
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    I can't imagine waiting until the end of May - only because statuses went online last year (not that we can even view them!) during finals week - and letters went out a week later, I think. So clearly we shouldn't be waiting much longer!

    Remember to check your bill on Simon, too! Seat fees get posted before a letter goes out.
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    Quote from binnyblonde
    Sorry - I just went ahead and emailed them.

    I was just told that letters SHOULD be mailed out at the end of next week.
    Which means we should see something on Simon then... at least a seat fee!
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    Thanks for emailing them Lauri!!!! That us such a relief. And you're right Corrine, we should see the seat fee next week!!! Yay!!!!
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    ***CORRECTION**** - Let me rephrase that - I messed it all up - the woman told me she was told that they WILL be sent out BY the end of next week.
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    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!