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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day program. Wanted to maybe start a... Read More

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    @ Djsage13- Oh no i applied for fall 2012. turned in my application this march... im currently working as a surg tech at harbor.. im getting into periop nursing after the program... im just keeping my fingers crossed that i get in @.@

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    @Djsage13 I have definitely accepted BCCC I couldn't wait for CCBC. i had to accept my seat by April 9. And what if I was crazy enough to decline and didn't get in I couldn't/ and wouldn't take that chance.
    I even applied to Carroll as another back up.
    They have a pretty good pass ratio
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    Hello all. Is it me or is April just creeping by? And watch, we won't find out until the 2nd or 3rd week of May. That would just be torture. Tomorrow I have the 6 hour CPR class which would happen to be on a beautiful day. But hey, afterwards I will be certified to save lives! LOL

    I hope all of you are doing well and hanging in there. RNGrad, congrats on accepting BCCC! I know you must be excited. Happy APRIL!!! May is around the corner everyone!
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    yes! less than 3 weeks left!!
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    Djsage13 thank you and I even got accepted to Carroll that was my ace in the hole in case everyone else said no. Registration for BCCC 5/21
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    Rngrad - I know you're excited!!! So when do classes start for you? Harford starts May 22 but the problem with them is that they have a lab that's at 4:00 and I work full time till 5:00.

    CCBC is only a week or two away. Can't believe May is just about here. All comes down to this. Is everyone ready???!!!!!
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    I am seriously hoping its one week not TWO!!! Djsage, in regards to your question "is everyone ready??" I am soooooo ready, I just want to get started, get my hands dirty and study my *#$ off.

    Unlike the rest of you I didn't appy anywhere else so this is my only shot. If I don't get accepted into this program then I am applying for laboratory technician at CCBC which also starts in the fall, I am finishing up my prereq's this summer.

    You had asked what my other 2 dream jobs were...definitely not healthcare related but pro-golfer or indy-car driver were the other two. I'm taking my odds at trauma nurse are a little better than the latter!
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    I know I'm ready. April is flying by and May is just around the corner. I sure hope we all get in this time around. This whole " Am I in or not" is enough to drive someone bonkers.

    Dana, I'm in the same boat as you. I didn't apply anywhere else either. If I don't get this round I"m just going to take some classes towards my BSN and apply again in the spring. But the next time I'm also applying to the Respiratory Therapy program as a backup plan.
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    I am definitely praying that we find out next week. We may even be able to see seat fees posted this week. Fingers crossed. Another 3 weeks would be torture.

    I'm liking your other dream jobs. But I think you'll make a great trauma nurse!!! You're very smart and I'm sure you're in without any question.
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    I say we're all getting in and that's that!!! Lol

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