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Hi everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Fall 2013 applicants yet so I thought now would be a good time. :) It's still a little early, but since the deadline is in March, I figured, why not? I took... Read More

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    Congrats to all that got in. I just finished my first year of nursing school in the E/W program. Well, one more exam to go. I know what you guys are feeling and all I can say is embrace it. You're gonna have a crazy two years ahead of you but it's going to be so much fun!! Stressful but fun! Congrats everyone!
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    I just called the school to see what that seat fee meant. And while she couldn't tell me exactly. She said congrats and you have to pay the seat fee if you want the seat! It looks like for those of us with the seat fee we got in.

    I'm E/W at Essex, I look forward to meeting you guys and having a crazy two years ahead of us.
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    I see my $200 dollar seat fee I've never been more excited to receive a bill in my entire life! I applied to Essex days! Yay yay yay. Congrats to everyone accepted!
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    Hi everyone! And congrats to those who have received their letters already! I saw this thread early this morning while googling ccbc's program because i'm incredibly anxious for my letter.. although i do have 'decision made' and a $200 seat fee on my account I don't want to get to excited without my letter though! Hoping i get one tomorrow lol
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    I'm new to this thread but I got accepted to Essex E/W!! Congrats to all who did! I look forward to meeting you.
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    Has anyone else gotten their letters? There was not a lot of information in the packet, I guess they'll give more information at the orientation. June is a long time to wait.
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    I got my packet. Only had about six papers in it. My orientation is may 29th
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    Orientation I believe is where they go over everything in great detail, I think mainly they want you to get started with getting insurance, physicals and certain test and immunizations that may take awhile, but they register you for the classes there too. So happy for everyone and should be a fun 2 years ahead.

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