CCBC Essex, Nursing Fall 2017 - page 18

Hello Friends, I am sure that many of you might have already applied for the nursing program at CCBC. I just submitted my application for ATB nursing day program for fall 2017 at CCBC Essex. I... Read More

  1. by   still_waters
    I paid my seat fee. What a relief!
  2. by   Cnryan7
    For everyone who has paid their seat fee remember to complete the form that is mentioned in the email afterwards!
  3. by   woodpixi
    I am sooo happy and relieved. Congrats everyone!! I can't wait to meet you all!
  4. by   Eken
    Did anyone get waitlisted? Im trying to get into the Atb with Towson cause i go there now. Not sure how the waitlist decision will affect my Atb chances
  5. by   shelby8408
    Hey girl I got waitlisted too. I don't think we get considered for the ATB portion if we are waitlisted. But who knows did you apply to contonsville?
  6. by   Eken
    I applied to the Essex day and also Harford community college, but harford doesnt get back until like May apparently
  7. by   dorasaf001
    Hey guys, got accepted to Essex Day. Gonna wait for Towson ATB now. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. Is anyone on here doing Essex day and Towson?
  8. by   Hopeful324
    Im going for Essex day Towson as well
  9. by   Jglad
    anyone know if we'll be using the same books as the 2016-2017 school year? I'd like to get a headstart on buying books... at least for 153. Spring 2017 semester is using Fundamentals of Nursing 9th Edition, but we all know how they constantly upgrade the edition
  10. by   Kay1396
    That would be nice if they are because I know a handful of people I could buy books from, I'm sure they'll go over it at orientation!! Also orientation is from 9am-4pm, it seems pretty long
  11. by   amane19
    Hey, they are going to tell u that you need the latest addition of each book, but don't pay attention to that lol. The only book I would keep up with is the drug guide.