CCBC- anyone applying in Fall of 2013?

  1. Hi all! I know it is early but I think a little support group for those of us in the final stretch of prereqs would be nice.

    I am applying to the Essex day program in the fall of 13.
    I am halfway through A&P1 and micro.
    Taking A&P2 over the summer.
    Still have to prepare for and take the TEAS.

    Who's with me? How much do you still need to do before applying?
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  3. by   nursefelly
    Hi sparky. Are you applying for Essex in the fall or to start in this fall's program?
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  4. by   sparky605
    I am submitting my application in the fall. Hoping to start nursing school 2014 Spring semester
  5. by   nursefelly
    Oh okay! That makes sense, lol! I wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   sparky605