Bowie state university vrs morgan state university, which one would people recommend

  1. Hello, Am new to maryland and really don't know the schools around here. But am considering attending either Bowie State University or Morgan State University. Which one would students, or people who have ideas about these two schools advice me on. I have heard a lot about nursing students starting the nursing program and not finishing by been kicked out of the program. I want a school that I can start to finish. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you all!
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  3. by   leenak
    Probably Bowie or other. Morgan State looks to be a new program and their NCLEX pass rates were 39%. That is pretty horrendous and they'll need an overhaul of their program if they expect to continue to have students sit for the NCLEX. Bowie has been hovering in the low 80s but last year they fellow below the minimum at 77% of their students passing the NCLEX.
  4. by   StarBrownRN
    If you are looking specifically for an HBCU, consider Coppin State. I think their nursing department is somewhat underrated; it's actually a solid program. They recently underwent an overhaul and their NCLEX scores have improved greatly. Although NCLEX passing rates are not always an indicator of a program's quality or rigor. Sojourner-Douglas had the highest pass rate in Maryland, but I would not recommend their nursing program.

    Howard University is also an option. It's a private university and somewhat costly, but as far as HBCUs go it's the place. The networking and contacts you will be exposed to by attending Howard can put you a step ahead of many other area nursing grads.

    Best wishes!