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Applying to schools

  1. 0 Hi all

    This is my first post. Last year I attended UMBC getting a B.A. but decided I wanted to do nursing. I transferred this semester to Anne Arundel Community College to finish out pre reqs. Because I was getting a B.A. before I had not taken any sciences so I had to take BIO 101 this semester, which is a pre req for all my other science classes (therefore stopping me from taking the additional science core classes).

    I will be applying in January to different nursing schools such as UMB, York College of PA, Catholic University, Marymount University, and Towson University so I can be on schedule semester wise (my parents can not afford for me to do any extra semesters because my mom retires around the time I am supposed to graduate).

    In the spring I am taking Nutrition, A & P I, and Chemistry. In the summer I will be taking A & P II and Microbiology. It is impossible for me to do Chemistry, A&P, and Micro at the same time so that's why I have to split it up.

    I am sooo nervous that not a single school will accept me! UMB is my number one choice because it is instate and has a lovely tuition. I've done well in my classes and work part time as a caregiver for a woman with Alzheimer's so I am hoping they take this into consideration.

    I take the TEAs later this month & plan on intensely studying as soon as my finals are over later this week. I am also going to write a personal statement explaining my situation (switching from BA to BSN) when I apply.

    I guess my question is does anyone have advice or a similar situation they went through? Anything encouraging would really help me in this stressful time.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!! :redpinkhe

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    I hate to tell you this but you don't have enough pre-reqs completed to apply to UMB. You can have up to 5 pre-reqs outstanding at the time of your application I believe but only 2 science classes can be outstanding. With your plan, you should be able to apply for their Spring 2013 semester though.
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    Thank you!
    That's what I am thinking. It would sort of suck having to graduate a semester late but I am happy that they at least offer spring admission because many schools do not.
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    Actually, according to a reply I received from the admissions dept at UMD, you have to have completed at least 2 of the major sciences. I had 3 prerequisites left (micro, developmental psych and nutrition) and wanted to make sure I was eligible to apply. The people in the admissions office are very helpful if you have questions about prerequisites and such.

    I did all of my prerequisites at AACC (finishing up this week!) and am starting at the UMD SON this Spring. Good luck with your classes!
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    I am hoping that they will take my switching majors into consideration and I could be provisionally accepted for the fall as long as I finish my pre reqs w/ all B's this spring & summer.
    I do have all my other pre reqs finished (intro psych, developmental psych, english, sociology, math, social science electives, humanities & general electives). Ahh it is just very stressful not knowing what will happen!
    Thank you & good luck to you as well
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    Tippeny and I were saying the same thing in a different way. Basically, you'd need to put your application in with none of your pre-reqs completed in order to apply for the fall. There are 4 major science classes (AP 1&2, chem and micro). So when your application goes in, you have to have completed 2 of those. Which puts you into the may/June application cycle.

    I found this out because I have AP1&2 to finish but my chem is too old so I have to retake. So with me, having chem, ap1&2 outstanding, I'm ineligible to apply in the fall.

    I'd definitely look at the other school requirements as well. I'm not applying to the other schools you mentioned but I did look them up. It looks like Towson wants 4 sciences completed before you apply but the may count intro Bio as one. They also require 2 chem classes. Catholic university wants your chem to be biochem or organic chem so regular intro chem will probably not count.

    Pre-reqs can be confusing but what helped me was making a spreadsheet of the schools I wanted to apply to and their pre-reqs. Many pre-reqs overlap, some don't.
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    Yes it can be so confusing figuring out which pre reqs to take! I am applying to Marymount University & York College of PA too. Do you know of any other possible schools I should maybe consider in the MD/VA/DC/PA region?
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    There is Steven's University as well. It is in the Baltimore region. George Mason (VA state school) may be another option.

    I think of the schools that offer first time BSN candidates a degree, University of Maryland and George Mason seem to have the best reputations.