Anyone who works at Mercy?

  1. Hello everyone!

    After a nail biting process (Interview was right before the weekend, so it was like a weekend of watching grass grow.. or snow fall if that's more suitable ... while I waited for a phone call), i've accepted a position with Mercy Hospital in Baltimore. I'm sure i'll have time to ask these questions when I start in a few weeks, but wondering if anyone out there knows about holiday and weekend rotations. I'm sure they may vary by unit, but it's worth a shot asking! Also, anyone with some positive/negative experience to share?

    I'm happy to finally say i've made it alive out of this nursing "no new RNs, please!" movement fairly unscathed (I graduated in 09, the peak of it all). I moved to the middle of nowhere PA, worked as a charge nurse and subacute vent nurse for a year and a half- got my experience and now can finally start where I wanted to go originally..

    Anywho- I'm babbling..

    Also- - looking at some downtown areas. I know baltimore & the burbs fairly well, but decided to spend the extra cash and just go with the smaller room in a high rise around the hospital. Anyone have input on these? (Waterloo, Saratoga, Charles Place, etc etc).

    Thank you guys for any info!

    Again, i'm gushing, but i'm so excited to come to Baltimore!
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    Guess not, lol
  4. by   vickybabymama
    Hey Lemon Squeezy,

    Sorry no bites at your original post. I think there should be threads dedicated to each hospital in Baltimore!

    I was just wondering how you like it there at Mercy? I have an interview there and also at JHH. Although working at JHH is great because of its reputation, but Mercy may be more "cush" if you know what I mean (like nicer facility, updated equipment, happy nurses, etc.) I'm just trying to get a general impression of what you think of it there. Thanks!
  5. by   dxlpochacco
    I haven't personally worked at Mercy but have heard good things. I do live in that neighborhood and my suggestion for apartments is to look on craigslist or walk around Mt. Vernon. The prices will be better and there are a lot of wonderful apartments in the area.
  6. by   meriposa
    I worked for about a year and a half at the GYN institute in the women's pavilion at mercy. The pay was well above average, great health insurance and pto benefits and it wasn't a bad commute through the city. I would have stayed but found I was not happy in my role there. I have also heard wonderful things about the OR.