Anyone Applied for Fall 2010 at CCBC

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    I have applied for Fall 2010 and received a pink card stated that the application has been processed. I can't wait to see what the outcome will be. Im very anxious to know if I will be attending CCBC this Fall. Anyone applied for Fall 2010 at CCBC?
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    I'm still waiting for the pink card! I applied to the Fall online program out of the Catonsville campus. I hear the acceptance letters can show up anywhere from the middle of April to the first week in May. Which program did you apply for?
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    I applied to the Day Program out of the Catonsville campus in January.
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    Just wanted to post here to let people know I have a facebook page for CCBC Essex Pre-Nursing Students. Please join and post all your questions...there are a few members that would be happy to answer whatever they can for you. It is really hard to answer specific questions on the ALLNursing site. I just applied for my second time....and I honestly feel like a pro at this point. I should have earned a degree by now in " Application for Admission to CCBC " is pretty sad but there are so many questions that I had to figure out on my own. I wish there was a place I could have posted questions.....
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    I never got my pink card, but I called the school and they assured me that they received my application. I was freaking out a little so I would not worry if you didn't get a pink post card....I think a bunch got lost in the mail
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    I'm eagerly awaiting to hear whether i was accepted also. Hopefully it won't be much longer. Good Luck to us all!
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    yeah i applied for online rn catonsville. got confirmation card on 4/20/10 which stated decision by early may. i want a decision today!~!!
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    Where are these letters!!! I am going crazy...LOL
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    I'm wondering the same thing. I feel like I'm stalking my mailbox!!!
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    I am totally stalking my mail box....I acutally drove all the way home today on my lunch break to check the mail. I don't live to far from my office but still....I just can't wait any longer!!! LOL