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Any other new grads/RNs out there starting at Johns Hopkins Hospital this July (SPRING program)? Anyone with insight into working at Johns Hopkins Hospital or living in Baltimore? Need advice on what apartment building to live... Read More

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    Mount Vernon is a really nice area. Baltimore is very block by block with good areas and bad areas, but living in the city is great, especially when ou are young! Mount Vernon, Fells point, Canton, Hampden, Bolton Hill are all really nice. Federal Hill is nice, but kind of a college party area on the weekends. Definitely google map the location bc as I said earlier, sometimes the next block isn't great. Mount Washington may also be a good option for you; it's in the city, but closer to the suburbs. Good luck on your search!

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    sorry for pulling an old thread back up but i just had a question for all of you who were accepted to the program..

    how exactly did you apply? i'm graduating this may from my program and just wanted to know if you applied before you graduated or after you get your license already?

    i wasn't able to find anything specific on the website about where to apply..just that all new grads that are hired are put into the SPRING program. I see some positions for nurse clinician's but none that are on my unit of interest..any help guys?

    and congrats to all of you who were able to get a position in this program even though this was quite a few months ago!

    any help would be appreciated!! thanks everyone
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    I applied to a clinical nurse 1 position on a med-surg floor. After i submitted, I followed up with the nurse recruitment and got an email a few days later to come in for an interview. (did not get the job though)

    Have you looked for open positions at the bayview campus too?
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    So....Right now there are very little jobs at JHH. They only have one from what I can see online for Nurse Clinican I . The nurse clinician I is the only position new grads usually can apply for. As far as getting a job goes I would call nurse recruitment. It's really hard out there now and it took me more than 6 months to find a job as a nurse after I graduate...Don't be too discouraged though it can sometimes take time. As far as no units being available that you have interest in I would say try and get your foot in the door. You can always transfer to another floor after a year. I know this may be not what you want to hear but it is the most realistic at JHH right now.
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    thank you for your help

    i'll look out for more nurse clinician I positions there and I suppose try talking to nurse recruitment

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    I have an interview @ JHH next week for the CCU. Can anyone give me advice regarding that unit specifically and advice on interviewing?
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    Scurves, how did your interview go? What was it like? What questions did they ask? Did you meet with the hiring manager as well? I have an interview for the ED.
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    Is there a RN to BSN program at JHU?
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    Quote from xooxhjlxoox
    Is there a RN to BSN program at JHU?
    Hopkins has a RN to BSN program, at least they did previously. Shoot their admissions people an email

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