Any luck getting hired as a new Grad ADN?

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    Has anyone had luck getting hired as a new grad ADN in MD/DC? I'm debating between a 16 month expensive accelerated BSN program and Howard Community College's 13 month accelerated ADN program which is much cheaper and would put me out in the job market more quickly. My fear is that I will have trouble finding a job as an ADN. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    My thoughts are that the job market is very tough for both currently. Most folks I know who have been hired have done so one of two ways: a) been hired onto a unit where they were employed as a tech during school B) made some connections to a hospital through their school. Option A has been more successful than Option B. It seems that some hospitals (UMD, JHH) are more inclined to try to place their own grads, esp if they have gone above and beyond during school.

    I went the CC route, graduated a year ago. I consider myself very fortunate to have landed a position. it wasn't anywhere near my first choice, but it was a hospital gig and I'm enjoying it. If I had to do it again, I might weigh more heavily into the accelerated 2nd degree route. Now I need to finish up my BSN, and's just not something I feel like doing right away. However, my entire RN program cost my somewhere close to 7K. It would have run between 25k and 60k at some of the accelerated programs I was considering.

    My personal opinion is that in the end...if you want to get hired; get a job as a PCT and be a superstar tech. Be someone they simply cannot let go....when you graduate they'll do their best to place you. Unless your hospital is on some seriously crazy Magnet kick, I doubt your degree will matter.
  4. by   Nurse028
    I have a BSN and have not worked since wishes to ya..