Any Hospital Hiring in MD?

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    Hello, I am a new gradRN, I have applied everywhere for job to no avail. Does anyone knows any hospital, LTC or anywhere hiring new grads? Thanks.

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    I've applied for jobs at Hopkins, Sinai, UMMC, Northwest/Randallstown, Sibley, Suburban, Bayview.

    Do you know of any others that I've missed?
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    St Agnes, Howard county general hospital, kernan hospital, GBMC, BWMC, anne arundel hospital, franklin, harbor, union memorial, holy cross, etc.
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    I work at Howard County and they are hiring new grads. The orientation is 6 months and FANTASTIC.
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    On the website, they are listed under the job title "RN Fellowship Float".
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    I went to a job fair on Wednesday and Northwest Hospital (located in Randallstown) said they were be posting a new grad position in November.
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    Mid November there will be lots of new grad jobs posted. It seems to me though that most hosptials are patial to THEIR students. However, I just got a job at Hopkins, had no medical experience, and didn't do my practicum there. It's possible!
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    Quote from Sugar Magnolia
    I work at Howard County and they are hiring new grads. The orientation is 6 months and FANTASTIC.
    How is it starting off as a floater? Other experienced RN's I've talked to think that using new grads as floaters is the craziest thing they've ever heard.
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    dasburyrn when did you get the offer, and when do you start? im just trying to get an idea of how much time is given in between.
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    ReeNee, I got the offer letter on November 2nd and started November 28th. I believe it is typical to allow at least three weeks between the offer date and orientation. They expect you to have your pre-emplloyment screening complete two weeks before you start. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. One of the nurses I am orienting with just got an offer last week

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