Any current Stevenson University students out there? Any current Stevenson University students out there? | allnurses

Any current Stevenson University students out there?

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    I have been accepted into the Stevenson University Second-Degree BSN program starting in Fall 2011. I was wondering if there are any current students out there in the program? What do you think of it? Do you like the clinical rotations, professors, course load, etc.? I am a bit on the fence about it right now because of a) the cost, and b) somewhat negative feedback I've read on this website. When I spoke with the advisor during my interview, she said that the program has changed a lot in the past two-three years and it seems that the NCLEX first-time pass rate has increased significantly. Basically, this is the first program I have gotten in to, and I won't hear back from any other program until after May 1 (which is when the deposit is due for SU). Any input you guys may have would be much appreciated!

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    I know two people that did their RN to BSN program and the high cost was the only negative feedback I heard from either of them. NCLEX rates really didn't worry me when I was looking at schools. It is something that you can learn independently by studying the NCLEX books if needed, imo. Good luck.
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    Thanks, Jules!
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    Hey guys,

    I am just wondering if it is difficult to get in into the program? I was able to attend to their Info Session and I was in
    love to their program and most esp their scholarships