AACC RN Nursing

  1. Who made it into the RN Nursing program at AACC?...if you did reply to this thread...we should have some kind of party where we all get together and celebrate...turns out UMD wasnt for me and im glad cause i didnt have the money to attend. I'm glad to have been accepted at AACC!!!!
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  3. by   krs10hill
    I am just got in! I am a hybrid student though! I would love to actually talk to other students though!

    Good luck!
  4. by   reisling
    Congrats!!. It is a good school.
  5. by   brieakgul
    Are you guys taking about Fall 2011 or Spring? I just applied for Fall 2011 - I have a 3.62 and am pretty nervous, what do you guys have?
  6. by   krs10hill
    I had a 3.6 or about that. I know it was more challenging to get into the hybrid program, but I did and am SOOO happy that I dont have to go to lectures!

    You will be fine with your GPA! No worries, I heard lowest was a 3.1 in Spring 2011 and Fall GPA's are higher but not by too much.

  7. by   brieakgul
    That makes me feel so much better I have already registered for 2 classes this summer and the cutoff date to get a full refund is a week before they are supposed to send out letters.
    I said I would take the hybrid, just to better my chances. Is it like online classes?
    How was your first semester? Good Luck!
  8. by   krs10hill
    Yeah, seriously -- youre golden. And you are even luckier because starting Spring 2012 they are initiating the TEAS test. It is like a preqs test of all the A&P's, chem, math etc. They are using that for the criteria going forward. I heard the test is a bear?!

    I really like the hybrid, we get more detailed powerpoint slides for our lectures. It has some kinks, like communication isnt as good at getting to us -- but we deal with it. I like that (for now) it is only 16 students, so we have formed a little group within a group and are really close. It is like my second family. 1st semester is going well, we take weekend clinicals. So I just got home -- did my first injection today. Was thinking we would see a foley inserted today, but alas he peed finally. We are lucky too because we are on a MedSurg floor at BWMC (formerly North Arundel) in Glen Burnie. I like that we are not in a nursing home like most students. Like I said, I like it and am looking forward to relaxing over the summer.
  9. by   KSBrandi
    I just got a call that I have been accepted into the hybrid program for the fall...I am kind of nervous about not going to lectures. Are the lectures recorded and online? I am kind of excited though because I can take my kids to and from school. I would love to hear what you all have heard or experienced as far as the hybrid program goes...