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If I had a dime for every time I've heard this question, from individuals in and out of the healthcare field. Just because I'm male and a minority doesn't mean I cannot be a nurse. I do not care whether or not I'll be "taking... Read More

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    I am about to graduate with my ADN, and I know I want to gain higher degrees in nursing and maybe become a nurse practitioner. I get asked "If you wanna be a nurse practitioner why don't you just go to medical school?" It's hard for anybody other than nurses to understand the full extent on nursing. But I want to have the nursing background to make be a better health care provider. I love nursing, I love being the one being able to talk to understand patients on a more personal level, than any doctor or other provider. I am a NURSE (or about to be), and I LOVE IT!!!
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  2. 0's a great profession and it requires brains

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    Quote from nurse8403
    i was a military medic, then law enforcement, now a nurse, i could have been a physician by now but i am very content with nursing and upcoming graduate degree in Nurse Practitioner. good post. thanks.
    I was a paramedic and then a police officer (and currently intend to remain a police officer), and I'll finish a BSN program later this week. It's my second bachelor's degree, and I'm not at all content with nursing. I'm not used to interacting with the same person for long periods of time nor do I want to be, the things nurses do are what I term "too intimate" for me to do with patients, and it's not an appealing job to me. I'm all set to start a psych NP program this fall, and I think that'd be cool. I like the provider role, as I've seen it.

    The reason I actually chose this route was because I was in a rut and wanted change, yet fortunately I've climbed out of that rut and am enjoying what I do. Why didn't I become a doctor? This was a more available opportunity where I could continue to work a full schedule and continue to live. Med school wouldn't have allowed for that.
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    Several instructors have asked me and most of the students I have tutored a & p have as well. I am very offended. Its like they are saying I'm being lazy and taking the easy way out. I won't even consider answering the question until I graduate and start working.
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    thats a common question I hear a lot. I tell them I am a nurse not a doctor, not for the money, but because I want to help/care for people. I am with the pt 12+ hours a day. Dr's have their place, but nothing touches the nursing field. BTW did you know that of ALL careers/jobs Nursing has the highest "trust" rate at 95+% (from what I was told at school)
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    I get this question ALLLL the time! I uses to get offended when asked this question, but now I simply say "I'm a Nursing Student, not a Med Student. Is there anything that I can help you with?"
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    By the way, becoming a doctor is simply too long off a process to eventually get job satisfaction. It's a 10+ year commitment before your even considered a Fellow. There's a lot you can do in 10 years being a nurse.
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    Simply put. I like to talk and explain things to people. I like the biological sciences, but hate chemistry, physics, and advanced mathematics . I love to learn, but am not exactly a fan of being in school until I'm almost 30. Reading is my passion. I like the various options that nursing gives. I honestly don't want to make an obscene amount of money, just enough to be able to live comfortably and go on vacation, go out to eat, and go to the movies without having fear of not being able to afford it. I like knowing what to do when people are unsure of what is going on or what might happen. I'm 19, single, with no kids and want to have a life during my 20's and 30's and for the rest of my life. I've got a lot of things I want to do, and being in school forever and a day is not going to help me do them, no offense, it's just not for me. I also like how nurses think and come to a solution and get the chance to collaborate with other health professionals, directly. I don't want to go into much or any debt at all, for school. I haven't taken out a student loan yet and don't plan too unless I absolutely have too. I also don't want to have to pay out the wazzoo for malpractice insurance. I'm ok with not always being in charge or being the top-dog.

    I'm a guy who really wants a simple life. I want a hybrid car to help the planet and save on gas. I want a house and a yard and to be able to travel when I want, especially internationally. I want to volunteer in disaster relief. I do want to become an FNP so I can serve those in rural communities or in the convenient care clinic arena. However the goal of FNP is attainable without 4 years of Post undergrad coursework and another 3 to 4 year residency requirement. If I keep it going I can be an FNP by the time I'm 25, and that's with a one year grace period. IF I bust my butt, I can make it their at 24. Point being I'll stil lbe able to enjoy the rest of my twenties! Lolz!

    I have always excelled in my studies, and I say this humbly. I did, however struggle through anything other than the laboratory part of chemistry and advance maths. I still graduated with honors from high school and in the top 10% of my class. I am a member of the BETA club, National Technical Honor Society, and Phi Thet Kappa. I didn't "not" go to medical school because I couldn't handle it academcially, I like challenges. Confidence is one think I don't lack, not that I am concieted. But, I am confident in the things that I do know.
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    Quote from LVNtoRN2012
    thats a common question I hear a lot. I tell them I am a nurse not a doctor, not for the money, but because I want to help/care for people. I am with the pt 12+ hours a day. Dr's have their place, but nothing touches the nursing field. BTW did you know that of ALL careers/jobs Nursing has the highest "trust" rate at 95+% (from what I was told at school)
    It is an amazing fact isn't it? It makes you feel good that your going into such a profession. I shocked me when I discovered this, and that nurses even outranked physicians, law enforcement, and firefighters in regards to the trust of the general public. Apparently it has been this way for many years though. and article I found, that was dated for Dec 2010, stated that nurses have ranked number one for 11 years, and we've also maintained that rank, even up to this year. Here is the link below if you wish to look at it. IT gives a great breakdown of the ranking and what professions were considered.

    Nurses Top Honesty and Ethics List for 11th Year
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