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Hey fellas, so just thought I'd see everyone else's thoughts on this? 1) WHY NURSING? 2) AGE? 3) LIFE GOAL AFTER NURSING? 1) I choose nursing to be a direct impact on people's lives and encourage people to do things they... Read More

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    Im getting into nursing because j want to help people and provide the barest care that I can. It might soy kinda lame or like a Cinderella story but being an emt I strive for the best of myself so that others has to beat chances 2. 18 3. I really want to continue with the emergent care life and work in an emergency room or an ICU I know this will take time but I also want to pursue my NP and paramedic licenses

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    1. I choose nursing because it's complex, challenging, exciting, and rewarding. I worked in Finance for the hospital and realized I don't want to be the at the end of care for the people. I watched several guys, amazing guys at that, work on the floor and decided that I wanted and needed to be taking care of the people rather than taking their money and turning others to collections.
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    3. I plan on continuing my education. I don't know whether it will be NP, CRNA, educator, Or whatever. I plan on taking my time and enjoying my journey as a nurse. I will know when it comes time.
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    Quote from Ant24
    Hey fellas, so just thought I'd see everyone else's thoughts on this?
    2) AGE?
    1) I initially wanted to go into medicine but after volunteering in the hospital, I was impressed by how physically and mentally challenging job was, the many career paths one could take, the opportunity for advancement (especially advanced practice), and also the respect that the profession earns. Working in a hospital as a tech has only reinforced my desire; I could do other things but I don't see myself doing anything else.

    2) 24, I'll be 26 going on 27 when I graduate with my BSN.

    3) I work in an ER right now so I would like to start my career in ER nursing. I used to want to be an Acute Care NP but now I'm wondering if I will even want to go into advanced practice once I'm done with school and I start working.
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    Quote from Ant24
    Hey fellas, so just thought I'd see everyone else's thoughts on this?
    2) AGE?

    1) I choose nursing to be a direct impact on people's lives and encourage people to do things they think they can't do.
    2) 23
    3) Possibly working towards a masters in nursing or going the pre-med route. Would like to work as an ER nurse and ICU nurse for a couple of years. Also considering the idea of flight nursing...
    1) I developed a love for first aid and CPR as a lifeguard, and have always wanted to expand my skill set to include as many interventions for saving lives as possible. I just started school, but I'm already also discovering that I really like the way nurses do things and have to think as well. I think it's fantastic what nurses do and know it's the right fit now.

    2) 21

    3) Become a Nurse Practitioner after at least 5 years of practice. Possible travel nursing after finding a boyfriend/fiancÚ (yeah I'm gay) and hopefully finding somewhere besides the U.S. to live and practice! I'd really like to see how Australia is, and if not there then Italy or Spain.
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    There's a shortage of male nurses. So i'm in.

    in the age of 24-30.

    finish up as a graduate student in nursing then get my MBA at Stanford, Harvard, or Whorton. From there, travel and help the world with non-profits.

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    Why Nursing? All my life I wanted to be a physician, life is hard and my dream never came true; after years in the Dental field I wanted to became a Dental Hygienist until my wife gave birth to our little girl... the Nurse did EVERYTHING!!! the Dr, walk by our room just wave and leave.
    That Nurse was like 25 or 29 yo but my god, she did an awesome job

    I'm 38

    Goal: Pediatrics; I work for a Pedi Department now Hospital based Dental residency program so we have once a week OR procedures and well I would like to became an OR nurse... Let's see!
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    1) Why nursing?

    I think nursing is an excellent career choice for me. I have always been a person who enjoys helping people. I currently work as a CNA and am hopefully getting in to a nursing program shortly. I love my job (even though it pays ****,) I love interacting with patients, and I love knowing that I have done my best to make someone feel just a bit more comfortable.



    3) Life goals after nursing?

    Well as far as my nursing goals go, I would love to focus on becoming an RN and eventually becone an advanced practice nurse of some sort. I really don't know which type yet, but I'm sure I will decide with more experience. I do know that whatever I do I want to work with children. Not infants, but adolescent through teenagers. Im just drawn to pediatrics, and I'm a bit goofy and I think I would really enjoy working with children.

    As far as LIFE goals are concerned, I just want to be successful, and be able to take care of the people I love. Eventually have kids, buy a home, and just be able to live comfortably.
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    1) After working in healthcare related IT for 6 years I realized that I would prefer interacting directly with people rather than machines. Even though providing support to my users was quite rewarding at times I can only imagine what directly affecting peoples life will feel like? I want to be there on the floor - helping, educating and improving others life on as many levels as possible.

    2) 35

    3) I am planning to start my RN this fall. Next step would be BSN and finally MSN.
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    ...because chicks dig nurses.
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    Why Nursing?.....well, my dad would only pay for an RN or MD degree. I was lazy, didn't want to spend 8+ years for the MD. I thought Nursing
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