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I'm about to go through nurse aid training next quarter.(which is a step on my path to becoming an R.N.) I was wandering what shoes are the most comfortable. I must wear white for my clinicals and... Read More

  1. by   tater.jake
    I have found that dickies sandwashed scrubs are extra comfy.
  2. by   tater.jake
    I wish every program wasn't so picky about shoes. I understand that it is helpful for scrubs to be color coordinated so that it is easy for employees in the clinical setting to identify you as a student, but they need to leave a man's shoes alone. What difference does it make?
  3. by   IWANT2BE
    Quote from mtb83201

    get the finest italian leather shoes so you can soak up all of the poopie that falls onto them and you can track it into your house. that way you and your family get to build up your immune system.


    lol bring on the poop! lol
  4. by   IWANT2BE
    Thanks for the link! I think I'll try out a pair of those. They look comfortable and not too horrible.

  5. by   SamHill
    These are what I wear for school. Seem comfy but will have to wait til clinicals to know for sure.


    As far as scrubs, I'm partial to Landau. They cost more but they hold up better than other brands IMO.