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I am a male nursing student about to graduate in a few weeks. I have a 3.3 GPA, strong letters of recommendation from every instructor, a well demonstrated strong work ethic, get along very well with everyone, etc but I... Read More

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    Something that I have noticed over the past few years, as the economy has plummeted, is the large number of nurses who had retired or left the field (to start a family, etc) that are coming back to supplement their household income. I know three personally and at least a dozen I have met at my clinical sites who "had to come back" as their husbands were laid off or just weren't making enough money anymore. Though it sounds like you have some good experience (Nuc Med Tech.. Navy?), it probably pales in comparison with a 15+ year experienced nurse looking to pick up any extra hours.

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    its just such a supply and demand issue right now. im in the south and we are just full of nurses and schools are pumping them out by the thousands every few months. when i graduated around 7 yrs ago everyone in my class had jobs before graduation. now many hospitals have the lux to wait and see..maybe the dept manager has already been in contact with a already practicing rn with exp. that she is really eyeing for the job. a catty chatty nurse or aid might have said something negative about you to the manager. who knows the reason for her bland response, but keep pluggin away with the applications and make return phone calls to managers to check up on your status, human resource depts are know for screwing up applications and losing them. hopefully things will improve once you have nailed nclex.
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    Quote from masek77
    During my clinical I always was the first student there. I usually beat the clinical instructor there also. This is not my first Rodeo and I knew I was being evaluated from day 1. I excelled at clinical. I have spoken to several nurse managers this week and was told by one to call her when I pass the NCLEX. Hopefully there is a job in that.
    From my brief time on the job market, my understanding was that most HR depts won't even look at your resume unless you've at least tested, let alone passed the NCLEX.
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    Jobs are hard to get right now. As far I've learned so far in life it's always been about who you know especailly when it comes to getting a job.

    I am not an RN yet but I have been volunteering in the same ICU for 3 years now, once a week. I have been offered multiple jobs throughout the hospital. I will take a job as a CNA when I have 1 year of school left(working once a week) and then have no doubt I will be hired as an RN when I graduate.

    Everything I have heard from all the nurses I work with is once you get "in" (in the hospital, any job) you will be good to go once you graduate. But the hospitals all hire from within and you are going to be hard pressed if you don't already work there.

    So my advice would be to get in as anything, CNA is prob your best bet, after 6 months or so I bet your gold.

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