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I thought a visual would be nice for us once folks have placed their preference vote. Also, I have placed a similar poll in our Male Nursing Forum. That poll can be viewed here: Good comparison threads when... Read More

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    I feel that Hospice is what nursing is all about. Money is not the primary focus for me, instead its actually helping people when they need it the most. What better way to do that than with Hospice.

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    Hello guys, I'm an EMT, worked in the ER for 5 yrs as a tech, graduated from LPN in December and starting the LPN to RN transition in June. Definitely must work to support my family of 3. The hospital I work for has a graduate nurse program where you get to rotate through different units before you decide where you want to work. I feel that the ER is my natural choice, but while I'm in school to complete RN I may work in the recovery unit of the outpatient surgery. Not sure yet, haven't rotated through the good old ER, the call maybe too strong. The unit educator coordinator told me that us guys are meant for the ER/ICU/critical care and of course flight nursing. But hey, whatever gives you the most gratification. I think 90% is to keep your fellow female nurses(and boss) happy! One of the ER nurses once told me that we are the buffers of the unit. Rock on guys!
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    ED for me to start but ultimately NP for me maybe even an infusionist. The world is my oyster.
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    Emergency nursing is somewhere I feel I do want to end up, but would like to get some Coronary Care experience under my belt. Planning to work in New Zealand for a bit then head over to more than likely Canada to continue my career. It seems New Zealand male nurses hover into ICU, ED, CCU and flight nursing, nursing education here has dropped the maternity module of our training, so we dont get the exposure there, which upsets me but ah well. only 5 more weeks of class left then final clinical placement then Registration exams

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    I'm presently aiming for hospice/pain management, although it might be nice to do some teaching and research too.

    That's the problem when you work for universities; after a while, you just can't get away from them.
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    Quote from Salesman217
    C.R.N.A. = M.O.N.E.Y.

    I was thinking either something Psychiatric or the E.R. ... HOWEVER... Im gonna see what CRNA is now because of your post... After all I do want a family of my own and its expensive in NYC. Nothing shameless about wanting a good way of life.
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    I put ER because I am not sure but at this time that sounds the most interesting. I might like to be a surgical nurse though.
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    I want to do 2 years in hospice or elder care after school, heavy emphasis on End Of Life care. Then I want to return to CCU or PACU (my first job as a Navy corpsman many years ago), while taking my Masters. After a few years of that I plan to semi-retire and teach, hopefully in northwest Canada.

    I voted for outpatient/MD's office because that's where I received decades of administrative experience, and because I couldn't choose both hospice and CCU/PACU.
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    My personality is such that I get as much out of a job/career area as I can, then I move on.

    To get as much as I can as a BN, I want to get straight into a Critical Care course and do CVICU, telemetry, and possibly Radiology or Cath Lab nurse. I will decide if I want to stay in front line nursing about 4-5 years after graduation.
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    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist.

    I got to go CCU.

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