Poll: As a male in Nursing school, my goal/desire is to work in this area.... Poll: As a male in Nursing school, my goal/desire is to work in this area.... - pg.4 | allnurses

Poll: As a male in Nursing school, my goal/desire is to work in this area.... - page 4

I thought a visual would be nice for us once folks have placed their preference vote. Also, I have placed a similar poll in our Male Nursing Forum. That poll can be viewed here: ... Read More

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    Quote from derekrg
    I am leaning towards ED, ICU, Burn Unit and Flight Nursing.
    I like flight nursing too. I just have to be on strict diet.
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    teaching has been always my passion. i just like it.:spin:
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    I'd like to have some time in ER/trauma, but eventually I will probably move to peds. Flight nursing sounds cool too...but I here that is a tough job to get into.
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    The ED definitely.....hence the username....
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    My current final goal is to go from LPN to RN BSN while working in a CCICU and then start working on my Masters in Nurse Anesthesia.

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    I have been a surgical tech for the last 6 or so years, so going into school, I knew I wanted to go into surgery. I just finished my first year, and no surgical rotation yet in clinicals. Big suprise, nursing schools make floor nurses, not surgical nurses... guess they figure I know what's going on in there, though nursing, versus teching is so very different.

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    Psych for me!
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    Beings as I'm only 2 months into classes, I can't yet say....but am really looking fwd to starting clinicals the first week of August
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    I have not really found my niche yet and I have done clinicals in medsurg (tele and perioperative), psych, and maternity. So far, I have enjoyed maternity the most.
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    i'm interested in organ transplantation
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    I have been a Surgical Tech since 1996. I have seen enough surgery to last me a lifetime. Today repaired a fx patella with wire then did a Lap Chole (my 1000th). I want to ultimately become a CRNA as well as my wife. She has a BSN with over 10 years ICU experience. And CRNA does = Money. I start my ADN prog on the 25th. Wish me luck!
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    I work as a surgical scrub in the OR, Endoscopy, Sterile Processing and Labor and Delivery Units. I assist during Vaginal Delivery as well as C-sections. All the L&D nurses know I am a student, so I have been getting to see what they do. I often made to feel very uncomfortable in the vag deliveries by family and especially the Husband. You must be very assertive when entering the room, no room for shy, or they will eat you for lunch. By the way, I am the only Male tech on the unit, and there are only 2 male doctors. So good luck. Let me know if you have questions.
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    Has anyone thought about working as a Industrial Health Nurse? I live in Houston, and there are many Refinerys here. Benefits are great at the plants. I would also be insterested in hearing from any RNP's working independently in the Refining Industry.