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Hey, guys! Rather than use the Introductions and Greetings forum for my first post, I thought I'd post here where I "belong" and get some feedback. It's been literally a year long process for me... Read More

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    I am going to be a SANE as well, I am currently enrolling in a course for my certification.
    Having been a victim of rape, I must say it may be ...difficult..
    . for a woman to undergo a rape kit with a man. That is not to say a man can't do it.. perhaps in a situation where it was a man that was victimized...
    I applaud your efforts but think like some others who have posted...take one step at a time. Esp the midwifery..see if you can witness alive birth first and shadow a consultant for lactation. You may change your mind and decide that you want to go in another direction
    I wish you well

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    Good luck with your plans. I just thought I'd throw a little real world out there (at least from my subjective POV) rather than the usual back-patting that tends to go on in various online communities.

    Just make sure your experience and rationale behind your career decision are solid. Do a few rotations in OB and make sure it's something you really want to do.

    Quote from futureTMA

    Well, obviously you are correct in that there is definitely a direction in treating women.
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    Thanks for the input.

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