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Hi fellas, My name is brian, i'm finishing up my prereqs this year and will be applying to nursing school for the fall. I really want to get connected with other guys in the field that are in programs or applying for programs.... Read More

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    Quote from ting3177
    Hey hnguyen, which school r u planning to apply ? R u vnese too

    yes, I am Viet.
    Iam still waiting to hear something from LAHC, Glendale, Santa Monica, Mt. Sac. for Spring 2012. And I have to take TEAS V, Hesi, Pax in this month, and next month.

    Im also planning to reapply to Golden West College, Cerritos for Fall 2011 too. What school did you apply for spring 2012? good luck

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    Hi Guys, 47 year old male here, just accepted into the ADN program 2 days ago, anxious to start this winter qtr.
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    Cheers guys.

    I'm starting an accelerated program in January.

    The general consensus to being a successful nurse appears to be:

    -Do your work
    -Be professional
    -Show females that you're awesome

    Anything else?
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    Good luck dude!! I start just got accepted to nursing school as well. I started this long road about a year ago doing pre req's. I am nervous as well. I work for in the Cancer research field already, but this is totally different. I can't wait to start. TO everyone offering help, I may just need it as well. LOL...

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