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Any of you other male CNAs have problems with residents not wanting you to shower, wash, or change their briefs? I have had this problem a lot where I recently started working. I had managed to convince a couple of ladies to... Read More

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    I had this the other day in the aged care facility where I had my placement. I didn't care.

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    Two comments in this thread that I love;

    1. Getting the uneven trade for the old lady who doesn't want a male aide.
    2. Getting sexually harassed by patients, as a male aide. I have actually had my unit grabbed. I rolled with the punches like a boss. ( <--- Me on the inside as I typed that)
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    My facility just assigns me to rooms they know that won't be a problem. It works out really well for me like that. This means I get patient's who don't give a crap who is changing them as long as it gets done. I actually got one patient to go from being totally uncomfortable with a male nurse aide to her actually preferring me to do the job because all the female nurse aides take forever to get to her.
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    I deal with this on a daily basis at work. At first a lot of the new female residents are really uncomfortable with me, but once they realize that I'm not doing anything inappropriate and just trying to help them, they let me help. But, like the resident I had last night, she just cussed me out every time I answered her light or checked on her. I had to have the nurse and the other aides in there to help me. You can't please everyone, which I found out quite fast. And what sucks is that she's in my assigned group on the floor, and there isn't any other resident that's equal to her on the floor, so she's hard to swap out.

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