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last 2 weeks of the semester!!!!

  1. 0 Hey, all. Finally, the last 2 weeks of my first year are's just crazy!!! I finally got all my demos done yesterday (male cath with the LPN instructor, who asked 17,000 questions.....), took a test, got info for a presentation on Tues from group members (one of which asked me, "oh, can you just highlight what I need to talk about?) ARGGGHHH....., went to the state capitol last week, wrote a paper, did a careplan (or 2).....
    I'm just ready to take the final, call it good, and crawl into a hole for 2/3 weeks.....
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    Keep up the good work. Think of it before the summer vacation will come up soon. My semester has just been complete hell. 2 more weeks and good luck with finishing.


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