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    Quote from fire storm
    What are your views on male midwife/husbands
    Men have been physicians for years, so why not be a midwife/husband. What do we have on our physical bodies that they haven't seen anyway? Perhaps delivering babies, and helping moms through the laboring process will make them more sensitive and appreciative towards their own wives in giving birth. Bring them on....the more the merrier.

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    This subject has recently come up in one of my classes. One of the guys was already spitting mad that a patient MIGHT refuse him as their L&D nurse -- we're in the first term, this is just an idea in his head, not even a reality. Anyhow, it sparked two class discussions, during which two different profs declared that for a woman to ask not to have a male L&D nurse was "not acceptable" and "wrong."

    Huh? One of those profs had just told us it was appropriate for a patient (or a nurse) to request a switch, if the patient and the nurse just didn't "connect" -- because the nurse/client relationship is especially close is this situation. Moreover, we're having "culturally sensitive care" beaten into us.

    Ok, I don't want a male nurse because a) we don't "connect" and b) my culture says it's not ok for a man other than my husband to help my naked self in and out of a hot tub.

    Are you telling my I'm "wrong" and my cultural beliefs are "Not acceptable"?

    White people have culture too, you know...and not just the athlete's foot kind.
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    As a 22 year old female, who hasn't had kids. I really wouldn't mind having a male L&D nurse or midwife. I had the same primary care doctor for 21 years (he even delivered me when I was born) and when he retired, I switched to another male doctor.

    For a lot of people, I don't think gender is an issue. As long as your good, caring, and really enjoy what your doing, you'll do awesome.

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