How to become a RN when I already have a BSc in Ontario? How to become a RN when I already have a BSc in Ontario? | allnurses

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How to become a RN when I already have a BSc in Ontario?

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    I'm new to these forums and have a few questions. Firstly I have wanted to get into the nursing field for about 2 years and now need to figure out a route. I'm at my 4th (and final) year at the University of Waterloo majoring in bio-medical science. My original plan was to switch to another university (during my third year) that offer fast-track/compressed BScN programs designed for students who have already done 2 years of school else where, however before applying to these programs I went through a rough patch and it effected my "most recent terms" average which along with a cumulative GPA was a criteria for getting into the programs. Now that I am in my fourth year, I decided I might as well finish up my degree here and find some way to become a RN without getting a BScN, which is when you kind people come into play, I need advice and information regarding my situation. My ideal plan would be that sometime in the future after gaining experience as a RN I can get my Masters in Nursing and move further up the career ladder. thanks in advance.
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    Try to look at U of T. I heard from someone who also took your route and went to U of T. They were given 2 yrs to complete their nursing degree --- well because they have a BSc, most of the courses were taken out for them.