Hello nurses! Just getting started here!

  1. How are you nurses and future nurses. I am new to the medical field as well, but I am really into this. I am really learning a lot aside from the female dominance it has been great for me so far. I just finished my pre requisite for LVN program and I'm in the second week already. I bought a few other books to help me out and checking out some videos to help me. I took my first test for my fundamentals last week and I got an 81% which I though was not as bad as I thought, but I really want to get higher than that also to improve my skills more. I'm just wondering if any of you nurses can plus help me out some more on what to do and what not to do. Also videos or video links that I can watch to help me prepare for the clinical would be really helpful. I really want to be able to apply my skills out there and make the most out my talent in this profession. This would help me and my classmates to pursue nursing, because I have seen already some emotional effects to some people on the first week, and I would like to help them see the positive side of it. Hope to see some replies!
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