Have you faced any discrimination as a student?

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    Hey guys, I will soon be starting my 1st rotation in nursing school. I want to mentally prepare myself for what is to come. I will be honest, I am a little concerned how I will be treated in the hospital by my female instructors. I'm not concerned about patient's refusing my care b/c im a male, i'm more concerned about the instructor since she will decide whether i pass or fail and whether i become a nurse or not. I don't want them to fail me just b/c i'm male. Also any specific rotations you faced discrimination? If so, what did you do about it? And how did it effect you? I know statistic wise, at least 10% of nurses are male, so i'm sure i'll encounter male nurses. I know that the nursing profession is trying to attract more males into the field but how can you really if you don't resolve the discrimination concerns? I think many of male friends would pursue this profession if the stereotypes weren't there, i too thought about this b4 applying but i didn't let it stop me from pursuing my dream to become an RN.
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    I honestly don't think you are going to find any discrimination with instructors or female nurses, what you might find is, they love to have guys around to help!...
    I've been in a couple of floors where all the girls are so nice and I can't think of an instructor is going to be discriminating at you because you are a guy!
    Don't stress about it and enjoy/learn from all the experiences, that's why we are in nursing school to men up!

    Good luck!
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    I've had a lot of classes in which I was one of the minority gender-wise and I think the female students and teachers welcome a little diversity!

    I did however have one crusty old bag who despised the attention "Lavished" on me by the girls in the class. She was a strange one who reveled in her reputation of giving no "A"s. I got a "B". In Psych one-hundred level Human Growth & Dev. The only subject where I got less than A including Statistics, A&P I & II, Micro I & II and Nutrition.
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    you shouldnt find any discrimination in nursing. seeing as men are the minority, in most cases there is a favor towards having men in nursing, the schools see it as a way to get more men into their programs, hospitals like having men because they seem to flourish and there is little "eww" factor. as far as grades go, im a male and ive consistently gotten As in nursing school and 99% on all three ATI exams. sadly enough i got the highest schoo on the ATI OBGYN exam, which theoretically many woman should have scored higher than me.
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    Quote from Fireman767
    ... sadly enough i got the highest schoo on the ATI OBGYN exam, which theoretically many woman should have scored higher than me.
    Haha, yes, theoretically, but EMPIRICally you seem to be more of an expert on the subject...
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    yeah, my department head was almost embarrassed when posting the top 10% listing. but im just stating the old theory of discrimination being for the most part demolished. There are men who show that they shouldnt be in nursing, just as there are women who do the same. however there are men and woman who prove they belong there.
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    I have not had a problem with any clinical instructor and especially nothing related to my gender. I think for the instructors having a male in their group is a good change of pace. The bottom line comes down to how prepared you are and how you perform. My female colleagues tease me that the female professors go easier on me because I am a guy. I don't see it, but I also don't whine about things like many of the women do.
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    Throughout my college years up to now, female nurses like have male nurses around esp physical tasks female nurses cant do. It's kind of nice to have a little battle of the sexes as who it better at "shooting" in cannulation. And it always end up the male nurses are better (in our unit). Not trying to stir the pot here, ladies. Lol
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    There is no real discrimination against men in nursing. I did experience not getting to do anything in L&D. Also, you may work in places that give all of the overweight patients to men, or having fellow female nurses dump moving their patients on you. Some nurse managers will preferentially hire men. I have never experienced any type of discrimination that I thought was significant. My university has a 20% male enrollment in the nursing program (BSN), it is more common.
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    Throughout LPN and RN school, my only discrimination was practically reverse discrimination. My female instructors and lead nurses treated me a little better, actually. They paid a little more attention to me and really helped. This is not to say they didnt help everyone, but there seemed to be a little positive favoritism...

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