have you ever seen a female doctor dating a male nurse? - page 2

at my place where i work it might seem a miracle.do you think this relationship would be successful?... Read More

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    lol House is a clown and every nurses nightmare doctor...lol. House is a TV series. He is a MD.

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    Yes, I have seen it and it can work out. Physicians tend to date and have sex with the people they spend most of their time with. Physicians spend a huge amount of time at work, they would have to have a relationship with someone they see consistently during the day.
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    Yes, lot's of female physicians dating or married to male nurses. My observation is that nearly all the male residents come to the hospital already married and very few of the female residents are already married. I can think of 4 male RN / female MD married couples off the top of my head in my hospital (I mean the RNs work in my hospital). Quite a few more "dating".
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    I think it could work. My uncle is a Physican and he MARRIED someone in enviromental services. Whats for you is for you!!!!

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