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Hi - Wondering if any gay nurses have an insight into some concerns i've been having... How much do you self-disclose about yourself? What do you say when patients assume you are straight, and ask you about your... Read More

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    i dont believe the gay male or female nurse for that matter should still be an issue its 2012 soon 2013.
    again here in sydney we are open and quite tolerant of different genders , yes we get bible bashers, politions and media, as well as soapies giving good or bad publicity. lately here in australia we are getting many american progroms which have a gay character or two or mention the topic . most of the celebrity programs have gay characters, as well as the soapies.

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    I live in the deep south. I could care less if a co-worker or another student is gay. I just want them to be good at what they do at work. Most of our nursing class is from a younger generation. They don't care either. And I don't care if someone discusses their family, gay or straight. Discuss them, don't discuss them, whatever makes you most comfortable.

    Anyway, isn't that a tenet of nursing, respecting the differences between people and valuing people and their rights to their own decisions in life?

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