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i figured i'd write this due to all the questions in these forums by males wondering about male nursing stereotypes, if it's going to be harder being a male nurse, if male nurses get the same employment opportunities and so on. ... Read More

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    I stink it up as a smelly protest.

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    This is a great thread! Thanks for making laugh too.
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    I refuse to study for years, just to come out with a Bachelors Degree in Human Forklifting! Today I had my nursing interview, got to chat with a second year student, found out that some sterotypes are true..they are pushing guys in, the current class has 7 guys, I was shocked!
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    For the most part, I've had no trouble thus far in school and working as a tech being a guy. However, I've recently run into some trouble with my psych instructor. She stood by during clinical and watched us interact with the patients. Everyone in my group did pretty much the same thing (this is the first week): talked to patients one on one, went to group sessions, etc. For our self-reflections, me and the only other guy in our group got torn to shreds, and this was after I conferred with her about my clinical performance and talked about how I could do better (even though I did the EXACT same thing as the girls). So I'm not sure how this semester is going to end up. If she ends up failing me for clinical, I won't be able to graduate until next December...
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    Quote from ItsTheDude

    III. males in general are stronger, we can do more (aka the human forklift)
    Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

    In my previous life (prior to nursing school), I worked in HR for a mental health hospital. The Nurse Manager was always asking me to try to get male nurses. Mostly because they tend to be stronger.

    Of course as the HR person responsible for discrimination law compliance, I couldn't overtly announce that we preferred men..... but we did.
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    Quote from steven007
    Kind of sexist, hahaha.
    I know plenty of women stronger than me ^.^.
    The average human male is stronger than the average female. Fact of nature.
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    So here I am doing my clinicals in ER as an EMT-basic student, shadowing a tech. He takes a 20 minute break and within 60 seconds I get my muscles volunteered to transfer a patient being discharged from wheelchair to car. Now I gotta say that I'm 50, not in firefighter shape by any means and this nurse could kick my butt around the block so I do a double-take and then hop right on it.

    I take the position that I'm there to help no matter what form that help takes; that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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